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Neneh Cherry
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Format : Manchild, Neneh cherry
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Manchild, Neneh cherry

From Sun May 4 10:48:34 1997 Date: 14 Apr 1997 09:38:42 +0100 From: "Boulton, Nic" <> To: Return requested <> /c/Cherry_Neneh/Manchild.crd By Neneh Cherry, Booga Bear and Robert Delnaja, from Raw like Sushi Db E Is it the pain of the drinking Ab Db Dbsus4 Db or the suddenly sinking feeling F Gb the car never seems to work D E when its late your girlfriends on a date C and the hero with her in your dreams and your sleep seems like you D D Dsus4 D turn around and ask yourself D D Dsus4 turn around and ask yourself Bbm Eb Db B manchild, will you ever win Bbm Eb B Db manchild, look at the state you're in Db E Ab Db Dbsus4 Db could you go undercover and sell your brand new lover could you F Gb be someone else for a night D maybe someone else will love you E C you'd sell your soul for a tacky song like the ones you hear on the radio D D Dsus D turnaround and ask yourself D D Dsus turnaround and ask yourself Bbm Eb Db B manchild will you ever win Bbm Eb B Db manchild look at the state you're in Bbm Eb Db B manchild, he won't make you cry Bbm Eb Bbm Eb Bbm manchild, manchild manchild Ebm from Monday down to Friday Bbm you're working on a another man's car Ebm Bbm or is it in the factory, it doesn't matter where you are [scratch a wound string with your pick ;) ] [rap1] just turn around and ask yourself does this communication accentuate the positive to give some illustration say manchild, you're no-one, I turn the microphone on control communication when I'm kicking it and so on to the point where I need air that I breathe and to annoy the instance, waiting and ecstatic to receive for the meantime, another mirror I keep on saying it, I know what the time is and the crowd will keep on playing, through these beat boxes, loud's my diagnosis coz I believe in miracles and words in heavy doses enough r.e.s.p.e.c.t, respect himself express, no stress remark is easy just believe that all you need is the air that you breathe (turn around and ask yourself, x 2) Bbm Eb Db B manchild will you ever win Bbm Eb B Db manchild look at the state you're in Bbm Eb Db B manchild, he won't make you cry Bbm Eb Bbm Eb Bbm Eb B Db manchild, manchild manchild he's the apple of your life once bitten, twice shy [rap2] why dont you find me again, just take it in, right and go tell your friends are you ready for the words, I'll turn the microphone on a figure of speech to reach you at the back and so on this style I'm stimulating dancefloors, raise your body temperature now and this demands for power in the amps, you know loud's my diagnosis coz I believe in miracles, words in heavy doses EADGBe x46664 - Db 022100 - E 466544 - Ab x46674 - Dbsus4 133211 - F 244322 - Gb xx0232 - D xx0233 - Dsus4 x32010 - C x13321 - Bbm xx5343 - Eb x24442 - B x68876 - Ebm is this the most discordant song ever ? :) any corrections / improvements welcome... Nic

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    Album : Raw Like Sushi

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    tablature manchild neneh cherry

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