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Format : Thats life, Nektar
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Thats life, Nektar

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # From: Christopher Carl Heckman <> Subject: TAB: Nektar: That's Life Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 23:39:25 -0400 "That's Life" from Nektar's album _Down To Earth_ Written by Nektar, transcribed by Christopher C Heckman. This is a personal interpretation of that song and is in no way are connected with the actual music, other than the fact that it may bear a striking resemblence (at some future point) to the contents of these files. Also, all songs are for private study alone; making money off of them would violate various copyright laws. ******************************************************************************** This song is pretty much centered around the bassline, except for the guitar parts during the break (which I have yet to figure out). The appropriate basslines are: Part 1 Part 2 G:--------------|--------------||--------------|--------------| D:--------0--2--|--2--0--------||--------------|--------------| A:--0--3--------|--------3--0--||--------0--2--|--2--0--------| E:--------------|--------------||--0--3--------|--------3--0--| Part 3 Part 4 G:--------------|-----|-----|-----||--------------| D:--------------|-----|-----|-----||--------------| A:--0--2--3--5--|--%--|--%--|--7--||--0--2--3--5--| E:--------------|-----|-----|-----||--------------| Part 1 gets played over the verses and chorus; Part 2 over the first set of dit-dit-dit-dit's (4 times)(then 2 times without any lyrics); then the guitar goes crazy and plays a rapidly-strummed Am chord while the bass does some walking (all this 4x; I don't have the parts for this yet); then Part 3 is played with the second set of dit's; the guitar goes crazy in Am again for a short while; then Part 4 is played twice. Now, after the first verse, the second verse is played along with Part 1, and the whole sequence (described here) is repeated. After the second verse, the song runs out with Part 2. (Listen to the recording; then this description will sound natural 8-).) This is actually the live version; on the album, P. P. Arnold sings a _very_ fast lyric over Part 4 (I think), and I haven't checked how it goes out. But this is more than a start. Incidentally, each line of lyric is played under one repition of Part 1, as written below: It's not the way you do it, it's more the way you try, Life is just confusion, and that's the reason why. Take away the killer, take away his knife, Take away his reasons, give him back his life. Oooh, la-la-life. <-- (repeat this line 3x) Dit dit dit dit. <-- (repeat this line 4x) That's life. <-- (sneak this bit in) Dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit yeah, <-- Part 3 Dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit, dit dit dit dit yeah. <-- Part 3 Now he feels his heartbeat, doesn't have a chance, All the many people, drying in their hands. He could see the nightmares, now he sees the light, Giving him no reasons, aggressiveness or fight. Oooh ... <-- (repeat what you did for the first chorus) transcribed by -- Christopher Heckman, Internet: "[I don't] think Richard should be turning the erosion pattern of the Himalayas into a flute quintet at this time." - Douglas Adams

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