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Neil Young
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Format : The last trip to tulsa, Neil young
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The last trip to tulsa, Neil young

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: VETTERS@VAX1.ELON.EDU (Steve Vetter ) THE LAST TRIP TO TULSA lyrics by Paul Hellander chords by Steve Vetter from the book _NYCMV1_ A(add2) x02200 A9 x02423 Esus4 xx2200 Dsus4 xx0233 Intro: A(add2) A(add2) A(add2) A(add2) Well, I used to drive a cab, you know C I heard a siren scream D Pulled over to the corner C A(add2) And fell into a dream A(add2) There were two men eating pennies C And three young girls who cried D "The West coast is falling, C A(add2) I see rocks in the sky." E The preacher took his bible And he laid it on the stool D He said: "with the congegration running, C Why should I play the fool?" A(add2) A(add2) Well I used to be a woman, you know C I took you for a ride, D I let you fly my airplane C A It looked good for your pride. A 'cause you're the kind of man you know C Who likes what he says. D I wonder what's it's like C A To be so far over my head. E Well, the lady made the wedding E And she brought along the ring. D C She got down on her knees C And said: 'let's get on with this thing'. A7 A7 Well I used to be a folk singer C Keeping managers alive, D When you saw me on a corner C A7 And told me I was jive. A7 So I unlocked your mind, you know C To see what I could see. D If you guarantee the postage, C A9 I'll mail you back the key. E Well I woke up in the morning E With an arrow through my nose D There was an Indian in the corner C Tryin' on my clothes. A Em7 A Well I used to be asleep you know C With blankets on my bed. D I stayed there for a while C Esus4 'til they discovered I was dead. A The coroner was friendly C I liked him quite a lot. D If I hadn't 've been a woman C A I guess I'd never have been caught. E They gave me back my house and car E And nothing more was said. A A Well I was driving down the freeway C When my car ran out of gas. D Pulled over to the station C A But I was afraid to ask. A The servicemen were yellow C And the gasoline was green. D Although I knew I could not C A thought that I was gonna scream. E That was on my last trip to Tulsa E Just before the snow. D If you ever need a ride there, C Be sure to let me know. A A I was chopping down a palm tree C When a friend dropped by to ask D If I would feel less lonely C A(add2) If he helped me swing the axe. A C I said 'no, it's not a case of being lonely C We've have here, D I've been working on this palm tree C A(add2) For eighty seven years.' A(add2)* C I said 'no, it's not a case of being lonely C We've have here, D I've been working on this palm tree C A7 eighty seven years.' E He said "go get lost" E And walked towards his Cadillac. D Dsus4 I chopped down the palm tree C C And it landed on his back.  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Steve Vetter % I'm not the same % % % As I was long ago % % Elon College % I've learned some new things % % Love School of Business % And I hope that it shows... % % Alpha Kappa Psi % - Neil Young % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

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tablature the last trip to tulsa neil young

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