Tablature today is in my way

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Format : Today is in my way, Mxpx
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Today is in my way, Mxpx

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 21:08:02 -0600 From: Doug Reid <> Subject: m/mxpx/today_is_in_my_way.crd MxPx: Today is in my way ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- By: Chris Reid <> Intro / Verse e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------5-------------------2-----------------------------------------| D|--------5---------5---------2----------3------------------------------| A|--------3---------5---------0----------3------------------------------| E|------------------3--------------------1------------------------------| << It brakes my heart and makes me sad, to think of all the times we had. You made me laugh and you made me cry. And all that I can do is sigh, and wonder why. >> << What's done is done and in the past, good things come and go so fast. You looked up at me and said goodbye. All that I could do is sigh and wonder why. >> Pre-Chorus e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------------------------------------| G|----------------------------5----------------------------------------| D|-------7----------3---------5-----------5----------------------------| A|-------7----------3---------3-----------5----------------------------| E|-------5----------1---------------------3----------------------------| << How will I get through tomorrow, if I can't make it through today? How will I get through tomorrow, when today is in my way? >> Chorus e|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------------| G|--------5----------------------------------------------------------| D|--------5----------3----------7-----------5-----------------------| A|--------3----------3----------7-----------5-----------------------| E|-------------------1----------5-----------3-----------------------| << Today is in my way >> Bass solo G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- D|-----------------------5555555555/ 7777777777---33333--222--00--------| A|--3333333333-------------------------------------------------------------- E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- << I deserve all that I get, serves me right I will admit, and today just won't go away. >> There's a little riff at the start and also towards the end. I'll post it later. This is a fairly easy song to play. I noticed that there aren't many MxPx songs out there, so more tabs will follow. If you have any questions, comments, corrections, or just want to complain about the fact that there are no MxPx tabs on the web, email =====================================================================

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tablature today is in my way mxpx

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