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Format : Another song about tv pour Basse, Mxpx
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Another song about tv pour Basse, Mxpx

bass tab "another song about t.v." mxpx (magnified plaid) -pokinatcha- copyright thirsty river moon publishing (or something like that) Notice that i am trying to line up notes with syllables in the parts with words; however, listening to it is still the best way to get your timing right. Intro riff 1 G|--9-8-7---------------------| D|-------9-8-7-5---7------5---| A|-7-------------5---5--3---3-| E|----------------------------| riff 2 G|--9-8-7----------------------| D|-------9-8-7-5---7------10---| A|-7-------------5---5--8----8-| E|-----------------------------| Practice these SLOWLY at first, then gradually speed up. Play: riff 1, riff 2 (twice) E (seventh fret, A string) D (fifth fret, A string) B (seventh fret, E string) Verse Notes are: G# = 4th fret E string A = 5th fret E string B = 7th fret E string E = 7th fret A string G# A E another song about how much t.v. sucks G# A B washes your brain of intelligence G# A E you sit around all night and day G# A B was life really meant to be this way?? Chorus riff c G|--------------------------| D|-----------------5--------| A|-5h7-7-7-5h7-7-7----7--5--| E|--------------------------| The timing on this one is debatable. Just listen and get it so it sounds good. riff c t.v. sucks! riff c t.v. sucks! etc. etc. Then play: (long means straight sixteenths, short means short) G#(long) A(long) E(short) G#(long) A(long) B(short) verse dos G# A E watching your life go down the tube G# A B and you wonder why every day's a rerun G# A E nothing different happens nothing new G# A B your life's a show and the show is over riff c t.v. sucks! (etc. etc.) G#(short) A(short) E(long) G#(short) A(short) B(long) verse III G# A E a waste of time of a created mind G# A B star trek's been airing far too long G# A E can you sleep at night without sight and sound? G# A B whatever happpened to reality? t.v. sucks! (yet again) Bridge thingy G|-------9-7--------------------| D|----9------9------------------| A|--7--------------6-6-9-9-6-6--| E|-------------7-7--------------| Play that riff four times, then go back to "t.v. sucks!" Ending: Thrash about a bit (whilst playing the chorus riff), scream "t.v. arrgh" and then end on a big ol E. FIN When you are learning the riffs, play them SLOW, then get faster a little bit at a time. Otherwise you will hurt yourself and i will be forced to kick you in the head. --- That's that, and apologies to him whom i ousted from RWTC, i just hadda get this out there. Send comments, corrections, and furry critters to:

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tablature another song about tv mxpx

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