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Mr Big
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Format : Road to ruin, Mr big
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Road to ruin, Mr big

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: 14 Mar 96 09:55:06 EST From: Ove Breiholz <> From: Ove Breiholz, Germany ( Road to ruin (Words and Music by Mr. Big) Transcribed from "Lean into it" Tabs arranged with TabMaster by O. Zefmer p = Pull off = slide down Road to ruin from the "Lean into it" is basically played with 3 parts. I called them riffs here. These are the tabs how git-whiz Paul Gilbert (or Pablo Gilberto) plays them "in general" they may change in detail during the verses. Riff 1 is played at the beginning of first two verses. A strong slide down should be used after each power chord.(E5, B5, C#5, F#5) Riff2 is played with a powerful groove. Try a shuffle-feel with palm mute for the bass notes. Chords are the same as in Riff 1. Riff 3 I seperated in two parts. In Part 1 the Chords are A and B. The chromatics are played over a C#m. The second Part is nearly the same as Riff 2 but this one's got other ending chords Riff 1 e:------------------------------------| B:------------------------------------| G:--6-----------------------4---------| D:--6----------------2--2---4------4--| A:--4-----4--2-------------2-----4--| E:---------------4-----------------2--| play 2 times Riff 2 e:----------------------------------------|-----------------------| B:----------------------------------------|-----------------------| G:--------6-----------6-------------------|-------4-----------4---| D:--------6-----------6--------------2--2-|-------4-----------4---| A:--4--4--4--4--4--4--4-4-4--4-2----------|-2--2--2--2--2--2--2---| E:--------------------------------4-------|----------------------0| p e:-----------------------------| B:-----------------------------| G:-----------------------------| D:--------4-----------------4--| A:--------4-----------------4--| E:--2--2--2--2--2--2--4--6-----| repeat Riff 3 [Chorus Part 1] e:-0-------------------------------|---------------------| B:-2-------4-----------------------|---------------------| G:-2-------4-----------------------|---------------------| D:-2-------4-----------------------|----------------2----| A:-0-------2--4--------------2--4--|-4-----------------4-| E:---------------0--2--3--4--------|----0--2--3--4-------| let ring Whoa... e:-0---------------------------------| B:-2----4----------------------------| G:-2----4----------------------------| D:-2----4---------------------2--4--6| A:-0----2---------------------0--2--4| E:----------4--0--1--2--3--4---------| repeat [Chorus Part2] e:------------------------------|------------------| B:------------------------------|------------------| G:-6--------6------------6----6-|--------6---4--2--| D:-6--------6-----4--4---4----6-|--------6---4--2--| A:-4--4--4--4--0--2--2---x----4-|--4--4--4---2--0--| E:-----------------------6------|------------------| She took me.. road e:-------------------------------------------| B:-------------------------------------------| G:--6--------6-----------------------9---4--6| D:--6--------6-----------------------9---4--6| A:--4--4--4--4--4--------4-----------7---2--4| E:--------------2--2--2--2--2--4--6----------| down.. back on the.. The solo is played over Riff 2. If somebody could figure out how Paul plays that REAL fast arpeggio in that solo just give me a shout. Hope you'll have fun Ove

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road to ruin

Album : Lean Into It

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