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Mr Big
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Format : Mr gone pour Basse, Mr big
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Mr gone pour Basse, Mr big

Mr Gone ======= From the Mr Big Album "Bump Ahead" Intro ^ v tr~~~~~~~ |-------|-17----19-21-|-(22)--(21)-----19-|-19-17---19-17-(19)---| |---17--|-------------|-------------------|----------------------| |-------|-------------|-------------------|----------------------| |-------|-------------|-------------------|----------------------| |----|-----9--10-9--10-12-10-9--|----9--10-9--10-12-10-9---| |----|o-10----------------------|-10-----------------------| |-10-|o-------------------------|--------------------------| |----|--------------------------|--------------------------| |-----9--10-9--10-12-10-9--|----9--10-9--10-12-10-9---| |--10----------------------|-10-----------------------| |--------------------------|--------------------------| |--------------------------|--------------------------| |-----9--10-9--10-12-10-9--|----7--9--7--9--10-9--7---| |--------------------------|--------------------------| |-10-----------------------|-9------------------------| |--------------------------|--------------------------| |----5--7--5--7--9--7--5---|--------------------------|| |--------------------------|-------------------------o|| |-8------------------------|-8-----------------------o|| |--------------------------|--------------------------|| Verse x4 |--------------------------------------|--------------------------------| |o-------------------2--3--------------|-------------------------------o| |o-3--1--3-----1--3--------3--1--3-----|-3--3--3-----1-----------------o| |--------------------------------------|----------------3--3--1---------| Harm |------------|------------------|------------|------------------|-(3)---| |------------|------------3-----|------------|-----5-------5----|---(3)-| |-0----------|------------------|------------|------------------|-------| |------------|-1-------1----1---|--2---------|-3-3---3-3-3---3--|-------| Chorus To Verse |---------------------|--------------------|---------------|------------| |o--------------------|--------------------|---------------|-----------o| |o-3---------3------3-|-3---------3------3-|-3----5-----5--|-----------o| |--------3-5---5-3----|-------3-5---5-3----|----------5----|-1----------| \___/ \___/ Bridge |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----2-2-----2---|-----2-2-----2---|-----2-2-----2---|-----2-2---------| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-0-------0-0-----|-0-------0-0-----|-0-------0-0-----|-0-------0-0-1-2-| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-----5-5-----5---|-----5-5-----5---|-----5-5-----5---|-----5-5-----5---| |-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------| |-3-------3-3-----|-3-------3-3-----|-3-------3-3-----|-3-------3-3-----| Solo!!! w q. e ^ e v e e e h + e s s q |-17-----------|-(17)-----21-(22)-(21)-17----|-17-----------------------| |--------------|--------------------------17-|--------------------------| |--------------|-----------------------------|----------15-17-15--------| |--------------|-----------------------------|--------------------------| \_____________/ \_____ e e q. s s s s ^ e q v q. s s s s q ^ |----------17---------17-----19-(21)-|-(21)---(19)----17-19-17-19-21----| |------/17------17-19----19----------|----------------------------------| |-(15)-------------------------------|----------------------------------| |------------------------------------|----------------------------------| \____ ^s vs ^s vs ^s vs ^s vs ^s vs s s e s s 3[q q q]3[q q q] |-(22-21-22-21-22-21-22-21-22-21-)-19-21-19--------|--------------------| |--------------------------------------------------|----10--------10----| |----------------------------------------------7-8-|-10----10--9-----9--| |--------------------------------------------------|--------------------| _____________________________/ q s s s s h |------------------------------------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------| |-8---(20)-(20)-(20)-(20)-(20)-------------------------------------------| |------------------------------------------------------------------------| Tapped Harmonics...... Having seen the band Tuesday night, I just had to finish off this transcription, and post it. The albumn is full of really forward bass parts like this, so I may tackle some more in the future. The up front sound makes them pretty easy to transcribe. Ian Stephenson Notes: 1) Enough's been written about Billy's tone/amp set up, but it does make it easier to get the long sustained bends of the intro, and solo. The attitude bass also has a scalloped fretboard for some of the top notes, again aiding these lines. When bending notes, the notes should be fretted with the third finger, but the force to bend the notes should come as much as possible from the first and second fingers which "support" the bend (be carefull - you can injure yourself on these bends if your not warmed up. Don't over do it. Stop if it hurts!). 2) The second part of the intro is the really cool part. I checked Billy playing this, and this is pretty close to how he plays it - its NOT tapped, though I figured it would be. 3) The Verse and Chorus are really simple, though the verse riff is pretty cool. 4) The notation is a bit tricky in to solo. I've included time info, as its difficult to play along with, until you've broken it down into small bits. I've notated bends with "^" and "v". The fretted note is shown first, then the target notes are shown in brackets. The "19" deliberatly has no time allocated to it - bend straigh up to the "21". 5) I've marked the final notes as tapped harmonics, but I'm not sure these are correct. They're definatly F harmonics, but playing them this way fails to get the sound thats on the album. This can probably be (again) attributed to Billy's distorted tone. 6) Following this section there's an acappella chorus, and then repeated choruses to fade. If you enjoy this transcrition, and would like to see more tab on the net, then SIT DOWN AND WRITE SOME! Ian

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