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Mr Big
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Format : Green tinted sixties mind, Mr big
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Green tinted sixties mind, Mr big

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 08:20:18 -0700 originally from: no credit noted additions From: "Alex Marini" <> Subject: m/mr_big/ GREEN-TINTED SIXTIES MIND ( Mr. Big ) ========================= Thanks to PANFI (my friend Federico, from Cadidavid-VERONA) for the CDs. The tab was in the archive, I added the complete lyric and the chords. Enjoy! The introduction to this song is very tricky, the first impression you get is that it's some kind of backward tape recording but no!!!, It's just Paul's guitar with distortion and some kind of octave or harmonizer effect (sounding one octave lower or higher) to achieve his unique soloing TONE!! Anyways, Paul uses mostly a pick/hammer/sliding/tapping technique in which the use of both hands is probably the right choice to play the introduction. It's a very cool song, it should really impress anyone if it's performed live. This should be ok for the first part of the song, if someone wants to post the rest it's fine, e mail me at: b=bend r=release tr=trill *=mute strings ( )= let ring previous note [ ]= harmonic note(probably played on the 12th fret) t= tap (with right hand index finger) p= pick (either with right hand fingers or left hand ring finger, whichever is easier 4 U) h=hammer on (done with left hand fingers) po= pull off (done with left hand fingers) s/=slide up. Example: 12t-s/-16 (tap 12 first, then slide up untill fret 16) s=slide down. Example: 16-s-12( slide down from fret 16 to fret 12) ~=vibrato |=end of bar %=repeat last bar [Intro/Outro] h po h po po h h h tap po po tap h h e:-0^2^0---|-0^5^3^0--|-----0^5--|^7-(12)-^7^5---|-(17)-^9^12^17----| B:-------0-|----------|-0^2------|---------------|------------------| G:---------|----------|----------|---------------|------------------| D:---------|----------|----------|---------------|------------------| A:---------|----------|----------|---------------|------------------| E:---------|----------|----------|---------------|------------------| +---------- +-------- | 1,2,3 | 4 h po po h h tap | h h | e:--5^7-(16)-^4--|-^0^4^7-(12)-s/-16-s-12^7^4--|-s/-16----------| B:---------------|---------------|--------------|----------------| G:---------------|---------------|--------------|----------------| D:---------------|---------------|--------------|----------------| A:---------------|---------------|--------------|----------------| E:---------------|---------------|--------------|----------------| [Fig 1] E Esus4 |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| |----9-------------|--------*-------|-----10--------|---------(10)---------| |----9-------------|--------*-------|-----9---------|---------(9)----------| |----9-------------|--------*-------|-----9---------|---------(9)----------| |----7-------------|--------*-------|-----7---------|---------(7)----------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| D5 E5 |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| |----7-------------|--------*-------|-----9---------|-------(9)------------| |----7-------------|--------*-------|-----9---------|-------(9)------------| |----5-------------|--------*-------|-----7---------|-------(7)------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| E Esus4 |------------------|----------------|---------------|-0--------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|---0------------------| |----1-------------|--------*-------|-----2---------|-----2----------------| |----2-------------|--------*-------|-----2---------|----------------------| |----2-------------|--------*-------|-----2---------|----------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| B5 A5 B5 A5 E |-----------------------------------|---------------|----------------------| |-----------------------------------|---------------|----------------------| |----4--2--4--2-(2)-----------------|-----9---------|-------(9)------------| |----4--2--4--2-(2)-----------------|-----9---------|-------(9)------------| |----2--0--2--0-(0)-----------------|-----7---------|-------(7)------------| |-----------------------------------|---------------|----------------------| [Fig 2] (Harmonics) (With tremolo bar) |-------[12]-------|--(12)~~~-------|---------------|----------------------| |---[12]-----------|--(12)~~~-------|---------------|----------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| |------------------|----------------|---------------|----------------------| E Esus4 D5 E5 E Esus4 She just woke up, but she's still tired D5 E5 [Fig 2] is that the telephone ringing? E Esus4 D5 E5 E Esus4 The curtains can't hold back the light Esus4/D E/D That's reaching into her dreams C#m7 down in her heart E/B B G/D D if it had fingers, it'd be tearing it apart E [Chorus] You be lookin' groovy F#m in a sixties movie E/G# A maybe tell the press you died C#m7 Little legend baby Bsus4 A#m7b5 [x12120] try your very best to hide A B E [Fig 1] a green-tinted sixties mind She keeps some memories locked away but they are always escaping neglect won't make them fade away They're reaching into her dreams down in her heart don't need fingers to be tearing it apart [Chorus] Gotta face the day there is no other way to clear the fog inside your mind fill it up with dreams but all that she can seem to find a green-tinted sixties mind [Solo] |E |E/C# |E/D |B |B/A |B/G# |B/G |F# | | 4/4 5/8 3/4 4/4 [Chorus] Hangin' out with Janis movin' to Atlantis could've made it if you tried What's the point of force it's easy as a horse to ride green-tinted sixties mind You be lookin' groovy in a sixties movie maybe tell the press you died Little legend baby try your very best to hide a green-tinted sixties mind [Outro] ( - U can't hide - )

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