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Motley Crue
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Format : Dont go away mad, Motley crue
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Dont go away mad, Motley crue

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 22:04:06 -35900 From: Ken Conrad <> Band: M=94tley Cr=81e Song: Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) Album: Dr. Feelgood Year: 1989 Here's a song I didn't see in OLGA. It's not new, but since I've grabbed s= o many of the great posts in (and from OLGA), I felt I should= =20 make a contribution of my own. It's one of my favorite Cr=81e tunes. =20 I don't have the intro worked out; maybe someone else would post it? Sound= s=20 like he's picking through the C, Dm, and F, but I'm not sure enough about= =20 it to say for certain. If anyone else is, I'd like a copy! Chord progression for the verse is C-Dm-F-C, and for the chorus is Bb-F-C. C =3D x32010 Dm =3D xx0231 F =3D 133211 Bb =3D x13331 G = =3D 355433 Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) by M=94tley Cr=81e C Dm We could sail away or catch a freight train F C Or a rocket ship into outer space C Dm Nothin' left to do too many things were said F C To ever make it feel like yesterday did C Dm Seasons must change, separate paths, separate ways F C If we blame it anything, let's blame it on the rain C Dm I knew it all along, I'd have to write this song F C To young to fall in love, guess we knew it all along Chorus: Bb F That's alright, that's OK C We were walkin' through some youth, smilin' through some pain Bb F That's alright, that's OK C <- (go back to verse progression with this C) Let's turn the page My friends called today, down from L.A. They were shootin' pool all night and sleepin' half the day They said I could crash if I could find my own way I told them you were leaving on a bus to go away That's alright, that's OK We were two kids in love tryin' to find our way That's alright, that's OK Held our dreams in our hands, let our minds run away That's alright, that's OK We were walkin' through some youth, smilin' through some pain That's alright, let's turn the page G And remember what I say, and it goes this way C D Girl, don't go away mad (sing this part with the ending chord F C progression that follows) Girl, just go away! I'm not really great at chord names, so I'll tab out the ending part, but= =20 the root chords are bar C, D, & F chords with a little pinky action on the= =20 B string (whatever that chord is). Figure 1. C D F C e:|-3---3-3-3--/5---5-5-5---/8----8--8--8---3---3-3-3-- (repeat six times a= nd B:|-5---6-6-5--/7---8-8-7--/10---11-11-10---5---6-6-5-- then go to Figure = 2, G:|-5---5-5-5--/7---7-7-7--/10---10-10-10---5---5-5-5-- come back to this D:|-5---5-5-5--/7---7-7-7--/10---10-10-10---5---5-5-5-- part and play it A:|-3---3-3-3--/5---5-5-5---/8----8--8--8---3---3-3-3-- eight more times t= o E:|---------------------------------------------------- end of song) ^end here on open C last time Figure 2. e:|---------------- (<- play e:|--------------------- B:|-13-12---10--8-- this B:|--------------------- G:|-12-12---11--9-- part G:|--3-3-3-2---2-------- D:|-12-12---12-10-- four D:|--3-3-3-2---2-5---3-- A:|---------------- times, A:|--1-1-1-0---0-5---3-- (return to=20 E:|---------------- then ->) E:|--------------3---1-- Figure 1.) Please address all opinions/comments to

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tablature dont go away mad motley crue

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