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Mother Love Bone
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Format : Shangrila, Mother love bone
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Shangrila, Mother love bone

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Kevin Bourrillion) "This is Shangri-la" MOTHER LOVE BONE Key: x = left hand mute / = slide up = slide down b = bend (ie, 12b14 = strike at 12, bend to pitch of 14) r = release bend h = hammer-on p = pull-off ' = bend up approx. 1/4 step Intro: [Fig. 1] N.C. (E5) e+-------------------------------------------------| B+-------------------------------------------------| G+--9-----------9-----x--x--x--x-11----11/12-12-12-| D+-------------------------------------------------| A+--7-----------7-----x--x--x--x--9-----9/10-10-10-| E+-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-12/14-14-14-1412-12-12-1211-11-11-11/1211----| |-------------------------------------------------| |-10/12-12-12-1210-10-10-10-9--9--9--9/10-9----| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |--9-----------9-----x--x--x--x-11----11/12-12-12-| |-------------------------------------------------| |--7-----------7-----x--x--x--x--9-----9/10-10-10-| |-------------------------------------------------| [End Fig. 1] |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-1211-11-11-11-9--9--9--9-7--7--7--7-----x--x-| |-------------------------------------------------| |-10-9--9--9--9-7--7--7--7-5--5--5--5-----x--x-| |-------------------------------------------------| (Repeat Fig. 1) said I've been around the world wrote a million songs it's all a.. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -9-------9---9-9-----------------14b16-12'-----x-x-x-x-14b16-12----- -9-------9---9-9----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- bore to me I've slept in the gutter and I've lied to the dogs it never.. (These notes ARE picked) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -9-------9---9-9----------------1211-9-7-------------------------- -9-------9---9-9----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------10-9-7-5-------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- bo- thered me the sheriff he came to me with his little boys in blue they been (slower bend) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -9-------9---9-9-----------------14b16-12'--14-14b16----------------- -9-------9---9-9----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- lookin' for me, child but with my CRYSTAL SHEEN GUITAR I'm another ego star so give it to ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -9-------9---9-9------------------12-11-12-12/14-12-11--9------------ -9-------9---9-9----------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------10--9-10-10/12-10--9--7------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- me, give it to me, give it to me___ Chorus: (w/ Fig. 1) get me to the stage it brings me home again this is shangrila I'm trippin' on it now it brings me home again this is shangrila Verse 2: (similar to verse 1) I look bad in shorts most of us do don't let that bother me I'm the FOOTBALL who knows who and I don't believe in smack so don't you die on me babe don't you die on me Verse 3: [Fig. 2] A G ------------------------------------------------------- -------14----14-----x--x--x--x-14b15r14-12h14p12----12- -------14----14-----x--x--x--x-14b15r14-12h14p12----12- -------------------------------------------------14---- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- 'cause LOVE is all good people need G# [End Fig. 2] ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------12----12----13-----x- ----------------------------12----12----13-----x- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- (w/ Fig. 2) and MUSIC sets the sick ones free without LOVE, no one ever grows nothin' gonna ever sing Solo (w/ Fig. 1) (E pent. minor) Verse 4: (w/ Fig. 2) because now this is shangrila, honey and you have gathered for the feast MY BREAD IS YOUR BODY the wine is blood, child the wine is blood the wine is give it to me Chorus (twice) (Fig. 2 once) End: -12------- Quick rake ---12----- -----12--- -------14- ---------- ---------- NOTES: In the tablature, I have tried to use spacing to represent the rhythm. However, as always, your best bet is to listen closely to the recording, especially since the ostinato soloing varies from verse to verse. Don't pay too much attention to my x's and when to slide, when not to slide, etc., those are just my personal mannerisms when playing the song. At first, I was going to transcribe the solo, but it is kind of... how do we put it... messy. It's entirely based on E pentatonic minor, though, and it would be no sweat for you to find your own version of his solo. As always, comments, questions, and gratitudes :) are welcome by e-mail... or if you want to tell me I f**ked up, that's ok too. :) Bye! -- Kevin Bourrillion, Semi-Official Caretaker and Consultant on Bodily Fluids. (309) 677-1193 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV.

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