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Mother Love Bone
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Format : Mama says right, Mother love bone
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Mama says right, Mother love bone

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## OKAY I KNOW IT'S NOT FINISHED YET BUT THE LYRICS ARE THERE AND THE FIRT PART OF THE SONG IS!! SO I POSTED IT ANYWAY -- THE FULL VERSION WILL BE HERE SONE! ANY QUESTIONS (maybe for a sample of this wonderfull song (WAV)) mail me MAMA SAYS RIGHT - Andrew & Kevin Wood (Demo) (EARLY MOTHER LOVE BONE) --------------------------------------------- _______________________ tabbed out by BAS VAN PELT : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay in my opinion this is one of the best songs Andy wrote It was recorded at Andrew's home Winter 1984 I took it from the CD : IN MEMORY OF ANDREW WOOD - WORDS AND MUSIC COMMUNICATION#1 wich also features temple of the dog demos (Recorded in 1989),Malfunkshun demos (recorden winter 1984) and Mother love bone demos (1988) - The first thing you gotta do is tune your guitar down half a step note : listen to the cd for the exact timing! G Emin e:-------3----3--3--3--3----|--------0--|-------------------| B:---3---3----3--3--3--3----|--------0--|-------------------| G:---0---0----0--0--0--0----|-0------0--|-------------------| D:---0---0----0--0--0--0----|-2---------|-------------0-----| A:---2----------------------|-2---------|-2--------2--------| E:---3----------------------|-0---------|----2--3--------3--| Emin G e:---3/5---------------|-----0-------------|--3---53-------------------------| B:---3/5--3/5----------|-----0-------------|--3---53--53--------------------| G:--------2/4--0h2-2-2-|--0--0--0--0--0--0-|--0--------42--------------------| D:-------------0h2-2-2-|--2-----2--2--2--2-|--0------------------------0------| A:-----------------0-0-|--2-----2--2--2--2-|--2-------------2--------2--------| E:---------------------|--0-----0--0--0--0-|--3----------------2--3------0----| Uh uh Ah ah ahaa Emin e:------|--------------------|-------------------------------------------------------- B:--0---|--------------------|-------------------------------------------------------- G:--0---|--------------------|-------------------------------------------------------- D:--2---|--------------0-----|-------------------------------------------------------- A:--2---|--2--------2--------|-------------------------------------------------------- E:------|-----2--3--------3--|-------------------------------------------------------- Bababuba................................................................ e:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- G:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- D:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: Mama said Mama said Love yourself and live your live Mama said Mama don't says And you know what mama says was right oh yeah_yeah And if you come down to my level or maybe it's up i don't know no more_____no howow i could show you the sparkle__yeah____it was a one time fire Jesus said Jesus said gonna drive you bad boys to drink_oh__yeahe Jesus don't says_ to comman man you wanna hear what jesus gone and said to me___ I'll tell yah! said, and if you come down to my level yeah yeah maybe it's up i don't know no more_____no howoh i could show you the sparkle__i could babe a one time fire i said i said i said_uh a one time fire a one time fire the burn steep still it's a a one time fire come on a one time fire the burn steep still she come down from a smoke amount of river ???????? Singin' a song and she said oooooooh my babe come on ____ words on fire Now i know what what mama said was right oh yes it was right mama maybe now you can live your live mmmmmmmmmmmmmm take it bruce babe Sweetly ohh yeah ................................................. a one time fire a one time fire the burn steep stil a one time fire a one time fire the burn steep still Whenu she comes down from a smoke amount of river ????????? singin' a song it just said oooooh my babe words on fire come on now i know ehat jezus said is right i said maybe now you can live your live i said ow how word on fire (repeat a couple of times (more than one voice) the end

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tablature mama says right mother love bone

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