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Monster Magnet
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Format : Black bag, Monster magnet
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Black bag, Monster magnet

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## BLACK BALLOON ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By MONSTERMAGNET from the album SUPERJUDGE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ As promised here's BLACK BALLOON one of the best songs of this album! E-mail me now with cool monster magnet stuff (or just some shitty stuff) just mail me! (Bazzy) It's nice to be a number :) NORMAL TUNING e|--------------------------------- B|--------------------------------- repeat a couple of times G|--8--8--x-x-x-x--13--13--x-x----- then the following D|--8--8--x-x-x-x--13--13--x-x----- A|-10-10--x-x-x-x--11--11--x-x----- E|--------------------------------- e|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- > B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- > G|-10-10--x-x-x-x-13--13--x-x--12--12-x--8---8-8-8---6--6-x-x-x10-10x-x-6-6-6 > D|-10-10--x-x-x-x-13--13--x-x--12--12-x--8---8-8-8---6--6-x-x-x10-10x-x-6-6-6 > A|--8--8--x-x-x-x-11--11--x-x--10--10-x--6---6-6-6---4--4-x-x-x-8--8x-x-4-4-4 > E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- > e| >----------- B| >----------- play 4x the the first part again G| >10-10-10-10 D| >10-10-10-10 A| >-8--8--8--8- E| >----------- THe next part gets thrown in every now and the listen to teh cd for when! e|--------------------| |----------------------- B|--------------------| |----------------------- G|1010-x-x-x-x-13-13--| 3 times |-8--8--8-8-8-8--6-6---- D|1010-x-x-x-x-13-13--| then:|-8--8--8-8-8-8--6-6---- A|-8-8-x-x-x-x-11-11--| |-6--6--6-6-6-6--4-4---- E|--------------------| |----------------------- Lyrics: Hey man what's your name? I've seen your face____ always before It's happenin'_____ to a cosmic thing ?compligate? I was looking for yeah Hungry, that's no drag It's nothing that a trip won't cure Corrision is in that bag Selfisch crowd come back for more Well I reached in the bag for a new life too And all I got out was a black balloon was a black balloon Hey babe I'm out of the cage Behind some glass miles away So sue me for being too cool I hate myself for wanting to play guess all i've to say about carmas true Cos all I've got left is a black balloon is a black balloon is a black balloon is a black balloon yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm not really sure if this is the entire song! there may be some more riffs in there but i'm lazy and don't wanna check it out right now! so mail me if i made a mistake!

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tablature black bag monster magnet

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