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The Miscellaneous
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Format : Duelling banjos, The miscellaneous
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Duelling banjos, The miscellaneous

From ssbpany@psab.posten.se Thu Feb 16 11:33:36 PST 1995 Article: 33509 of rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature Newsgroups: rec.music.makers.guitar.tablature Path: unixg.ubc.ca!unixg.ubc.ca!quartz.ucs.ualberta.ca!tribune.usask.ca!canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca!newsflash.concordia.ca!uunet!in1.uu.net!bloom-beacon.mit.edu!eru.mt.luth.se!news.luth.se!sunic!seunet!news2.swip.net!garion!a18!smaragd.sths.posten.se!ssbpany From: ssbpany@psab.posten.se (Anders Bergdahl) Subject: Duelling Banjos,th ehistory Message-ID: <D41sB1.6H4@psab.posten.se> Sender: news@psab.posten.se Organization: Sweden Post, PSab X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.1 PL6] Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:28:12 GMT Lines: 59 [ Article crossposted from rec.music.makers.guitar ] [ Author was Anders Bergdahl ] [ Posted on Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:09:54 GMT ] [ Article crossposted from alt.guitar ] [ Author was Anders Bergdahl ] [ Posted on Wed, 15 Feb 1995 15:00:06 GMT ] i copied this from BGRASS-L , some background >In a previous posting, Jeff Dubois (jdubois@chat.carleton.ca) writes: >> Chris G. Thorne (at768@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote: >>> You know, I've thought about this before, but never asked it. >> >>> Who plays fiddle on this album? (sounds like Vasser Clements) >> >> It is Vasser Clements. And I believe Don Reno on banjo. >Jeff, I doubt it's Don Reno unless you have some info that's not on the >album jacket. The only credits are to Weissberg and Brickman, with the >exception of "dueling Banjos" that has Mandel on guitar. However I have >the "Deliverance " version and not the previous release entitled "New >Dimensions in Banjo and Bluegrass", maybe this album had more info, >does anybody out there have it? Chris, you're correct. I believe the confusion here is because Don Reno recorded the *original* version of the title song with Arthur Smith back around 1952. Here is the chronology: 1952 - Arthur Smith writes "Fuedin' Banjos" (note the plurality of "banjos") and records it featuring himself on tenor banjo (taking the lead-off part) and Don Reno on 5-string (playing the "echo" part). Great record! Late '50s - Carl Story and the Rambling Mountaineers record the same song, using a mandolin for the lead-off part, and titled it "Mocking Banjo" (note the singularity of the word "banjo"). Early '60s - The Dillards record the song using Dean Webb on Mandolin and Douglas Dillard on 5-string, and title it "Dueling Banjo." Finally, Eric Weissberg (banjo) and Steve Mandel (guitar) record the "Duelin' Banjos" (is this title plural? I can't remember...) track for the Warner Brothers movie "Deliverance." This is put on an album with a bunch of other songs recorded by Eric Weissberg and Marshall Brickman which had previously been recorded under the title "New Dimensions in Bluegrass." Arthur Smith sues Warner Brothers, claiming the song was "stolen" >from him, Eric Weissberg tells the judge that all three songs are one and the same, Don Reno and Arthur re-create the original song in the courtroom, and Arthur wins a sizeable settlement from WB. Paul Bock

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