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Format : Nwo, Ministry
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Nwo, Ministry

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Subject: tab Ministry nwo Reply-me: - this file should be placed on the directory: pub/guitar/m/ministry/ - why haven't you any AMIGA softs in your ressouces dir ? :-( there us some on aminet like tabed.lha , chord.lha ... ;-) - Phil -==RzR==- Coval > < ______________________cut from top to here please _________________________ " N . W . O . " Ministry's Psalm_69 #1 °°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Phil -==RzR==- Coval > < (95) [INTRO] intro riff x4 :|| E E E E E E E E F || E palm-muted hey hey ... (repeat to verse) Main Riff (difficult?) (x8) e|-------------------------|---------------------------------------- b|------------------{F}{E}-|---------------------------------------- g|-------------------------|---------------------------------------- D|--Palm mute--------3-2---|---------------------------------------- A|-................--3-2---|---------------------------------------- E|-0-00-0-00-0-00-00-1-0---|---------------------------------------- [VERSE1] (w/ main riff: F E | all the locals hide their tears of regret open fire cos i love you to death sky high , with a heartache of stone you'll never see me cos i'm always alone [CHORUS1] (FE x ) (argggg) ? ? ? wake up (x14) [VERSE2] (w/ main riff) F E | how to love without a trace of dissent i'll buy the torture cos you pay for the rent tied high with a broken command you're all alone to the promised land [CHORUS2] (arggggg) ??? intro riff [SOLO] (w/ main riff) & 'hey' samples [VERSE3] | F E | i'm in love with this malicious intent you've been taken but you don't know it yet what you will know must never live to be found cos it's the subject of the eyes of the drowned [CHORUS2] [OUTRO] alternate this intro riff and main riff intro riff wake up ... (w/main riff) outro fill x4 (w/main riff) hope we're lucky drug and evil rock n' roll ~? main riff /a new order, a new order , a new order , a new order argggggggggg -rgggggggg -ggg (repeat and fade out) _______________________________________________________________________________ NoTeS What are all those sampled words ? (A new world ? A new order ? ) What mean NWO ? That's the way I play it, it's hard to hear *exactly* what's going on This is the version 1 of :-) ________________________________________________________________________ / | @@@ CREDITS TO THIS TAB @@@ | | _ _ | | This tab: PHILIPPE COVAL; ;1995 ))(/( | | lyrics: Aaron Giles --<p> /^^^^^^ | | Artist: Ministry | \________________________________________________________________________/ whoeve

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tablature nwo ministry

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