Tablature wild ripplin waters

Michael Martin Murphey
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Format : Wild ripplin waters, Michael martin murphey
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Wild ripplin waters, Michael martin murphey

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: "Christensen, LeonW" <LeonW_Christensen@ATK.COM> Subject: Wild Ripplin' Waters by Michael Martin Murphey - re-submission Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 07:50:03 -0600 Wild Ripplin' Waters Traditional Cowboy Song Recorded by Michael Martin Murphey Wild Ripplin' Waters D A7 D As I was out walkin' and ramblin' one day D A7 I spied a fair couple a-comin' my way D A7 One was a lady, as fair as could be D G A7 D And the other was a cowboy, and a brave one was he D A7 D He said "Where are you goin', my pretty fair maid?" D A7 "Just down by the river, just down by the shade D A7 Just down by the river, just down by the spring D G A7 D To see the wild ripplin' waters and hear the nightingale sing" Well they hadn't been there but an hour or so 'Til he drew from his satchel a fiddle and bow He tuned his old fiddle all on the high string And he played this tune over and over again Then said the cowboy "I should have been gone" "No, no", said the pretty maid. "Just play one more song I'd rather hear the fiddle just played on one string Than see the wild ripplin' waters and hear the nightingale sing" He tuned up his fiddle and rosined his bow And he played her a lecture, he play it so low He played her a lecture all on the high string "Hark, hark", said the pretty maid, "hear the nightingale sing" She says "Dear cowboy, will you marry me?" "No, no, pretty maid, that never can be I've a wife in Arizona, a lady is she One wife and one ranch are plenty for me" "I'll go to Mexico, and I'll stay there one year I'll drink a lot of wine, I'll drink a lot of beer If I ever come back it will be in the spring To see the wild ripplin' waters and hear the nightingale sing" Come all you young ladies, take warning from me Never place your affections in a cowboy so free He'll go away and leave you as mine left me Leave you rocking the cradle, singing "Bye, oh baby"

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tablature wild ripplin waters michael martin murphey

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