Tablature cowboy pride

Michael Martin Murphey
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Format : Cowboy pride, Michael martin murphey
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Cowboy pride, Michael martin murphey

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 2/3/98; 11:50:01 AM From: "Christensen, LeonW" <LeonW_Christensen@ATK.COM> Subject: Cowboy Pride By Michael Martin Murphey Cowboy Pride Written By Ian Tyson Recorded By Michael Martin Murphey (This song starts in the key of B and changes to C) Cowboy Pride B B7 E Well, I'm writing you this letter B and it's a long time overdue F#7 You're thinkin' "Just mind your own business" B I wouldn't blame you if you do B7 E You know our range is gettin' smaller B Hear you're all busted up inside F#7 But it ain't the Broncos that'll kill you B It's just that damned old cowboy pride B7 E Cowboy pride can always get a man through B but cowboy pride will make a fool of you F#7 Good women are hard to find B I'm talkin' about the faithful kind B7 E I hear you're running with that waitress B and she's under age and wild F#7 You know your wife's the best there is, fella B Would you move in with that child? B7 E She stuck with you through the hard times B Think of all the nights she cried F#7 Will she be another victim B of that same old cowboy pride (Change to Key of C) C C7 F Guess it's time to close my letter C It's just somethin' that I had to do G7 You know I made the same mistake once C before she fell in love with you C7 F So go home to your wife and family C It's time to put the past aside G7 So you don't end up like me now C Nothin' left but cowboy pride C7 F Cowboy pride can always get a man through C but cowboy pride will make a fool of you G7 Good women are hard to find C I'm talkin' about the faithful kind G7 Don't end up like me now C with nothin' left but cowboy pride

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tablature cowboy pride michael martin murphey

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