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Format : Tablature Nothing else matters, Metallica
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Tablature Nothing else matters, Metallica

Metallica "Nothing Else Matters" (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammet) Arranged for single accoustic guitar. I know that it's not correct in every way, but... it works :) This is how they play it on their "Accoustic Radio Tour 1997"... well... almost, hehehe. I also included the lyrics at the bottom, but I think you all know the text (you should). p = pull off h = hammering ~ = vibrato/hold note x = this string is not played () = notes in brackets are played very softly v = downstroke ^ = upstroke Standard Tuning (E;A;D;G;B;e) It's easier to play this one by fingerpicking, and it's not as difficoult as it seems. So here we go... Intro (clean) e---------0-----------0-----------0-----------0----- B-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0--- G-----0-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0--------- D--------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------------- E---0-----------0-----------0-----------0----------- e---7-7------7p0---------7-8-7h8p7p5-7p5p0------------------ B-------0--------0-------------------------5----5-7p5~-p0--- G---------0--------0---0---------------------5-------------- D----------------------------------------------------------- A--------------------------------------------0-------------- E-----0--------------0-------------------------------------- e---------0-----------------3-----p0-----------5-----p0----------12----------- B-------5----5--5--5----5-----5-------7----7-----7------------12----(12)------ G-----5------5--5--5--5---5-----5-----7--7---7-----7-------12-----------(12)-- D----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A---0--------0--2--3------------------5--------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------0-------------------- e---------0-----------0-----------0---------------- B-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0-------------- G-----0-------0---0-------0---0-------0------------ D-------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------------- E---0-----------0-----------0-----------0(heavy)--- Let the heavy-played ‚0' on the E-string ring and continue with this Note that there's no break between the ‚0' and this... e--------(0)-----------------------(0)----------------- B---------8-------7------5----------8-------7------5--- G-------9---------7------5--------9---------7------5--- D-----9---------7------5--------9---------7------5----- A---7---------5------3--------7---------5------3------- E---------------------------0-------------------------- Em e-----------7----5--------3--------3--------2--------------0--------0--- B-----------8------7--------5--------3--------4----------0---0------0--- G---------9----------7--------5--------4--------2-(p0)-0-------0----0--- D-------9-----------------------------------------------------------2--- A-----7--------------------------3--------2-------------------------2--- E---0----------5--------3----------------------------0-----------0--0--- Wow! That's it with the intro. After a moment of silence and a stupid conversation, they play this... Verse (still clean) D D D C e-------------3p0--2--2--2--0--- R B-----------0------3--3--3--1--- E G---------0--------2--2--2--0--- P D------------------0--0--0--2--- E A------------------x--x--x--3--- A E---3-2-0----------x--x--x--x--- T this through the whole verse. v ^ v So close, no matter how far... End of verse Em e-------------0------0--- B-----------0---0----0--- G---------0-------0--0--- D--------------------2--- A--------------------2--- E---3-2-0------------0--- ...else matters After the 3rd verse, they play this C A D D D D D D D D C A D D e-------------0------0--0--2--2--|---2-2-2-2-2-2--0--0--2-2---|--- B-----------0---0----1--2--3--3--|---3-3-3-3-3-3--1--2--3-3---|--- G---------0-------0--0--2--2--2--|°--2-2-2-2-2-2--0--2--2-2--°|--- D--------------------2--2--0--0--|°--0-0-0-0-0-0--2--2--0-0--°|--- A--------------------3--0--x--x--|---x-x-x-x-x-x--3--0--x-x---|--- E---3-2-0------------x--x--x--x--|---x-x-x-x-x-x--x--x--x-x---|--- v v v ^ ^ v ^ v ^ v v v v ^ ...else matters never cared for what they... Repeat this, till... D D D D e---2-2-2-2--2------- B---3-3-3-3----3----- G---2-2-2-2------2--- D---0-0-0-0---------- A---x-x-x-x---------- E---x-x-x-x---------- ^ v ^ v ...but I know... That's the point when James plays the small clean solo (as described beneath). In the background Kirk plays the ‚verse'. James' Solo (clean) e---12-----14-----15-----17-----8-----8---------------8------- B------12-----12-----12-----12----5-----5-------5---5---5----- G-----------------------------------5-----5---5---5-------5--- D------------------------------------------------------------- A-------------------------------------------0----------------- E------------------------------------------------------------- e---0------0----0------0----7-7~--7-7~--- (you can also play B-----1------1----3------0--------------- --12-12~--12-12~-- here) G-------0-----------2-------------------- D---------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------- Play the solo 2 times. Then they play the ‚verse' and the ‚chord thing' which they've played after the 3rd verse. After the verse Kirk plays in the background something like that: (Instead of the distortion, play the chords heavy!!) Em Em Em Em Em Em Em D D D C e--|---0--0--0--0--0--0--0--2--2--2--0---|-- B--|---0--0--0--0--0--0--0--3--3--3--1---|-- G--|°--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--2--2--2--0--°|-- D--|°--2--2--2--2--2--2--2--0--0--0--2--°|-- A--|---2--2--2--2--2--2--2--x--x--x--3---|-- E--|---0--0--0--0--0--0--0--x--x--x--x---|-- v v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^ v And James plays his distorted solo. You wonder where James' solo is ? Well, I don't know. I couldn't figure it out (sorry). But on accoustic guitar it sounds shit anyway. If someone has a good interpretation of the solo, please mail it to me!! Or you take the solo from the original version, which At the end of the song, Kirk plays (clean again): e---------0-----------0-----------0----7-7-----7p0----------- B-------0---0-------0---0-------0---0------0-------0--------- G-----0-------0---0-------0---0--------------0-------0---0--- D------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------ E---0-----------0-----------0------------0-------------0----- e--|--7-8-7h8p7p5-7p5-p0-0-----0-----------0-----|-- B--|-------------------------0---0-------0---0---|-- G--|°----------------------0-------0---0--------°|-- D--|°-------------------------------------------°|-- A--|---------------------------------------------|-- E--|---------------------0-----------0-----------|-- Repeat this and end on... e---7-8-7h8p7p5-7p5-p0-0--- B-------------------------- G-------------------------- D-------------------------- A-------------------------- E-------------------------- And that's it !! Hope you enjoyed it !! I did !! Remember that this is my interpretation of the accoustic version of NEM. There are some differences to the original recording on the Black Album of Metallica. Watch out for the accoustic version, feat. Chris Isaak, Jerry Cantrell, Les Claypool, Pepper Caynen and others... it really kicks ass! Any response to this is welcome. Please note that this was a lot of work.

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le 27/11/2010 19:33:46

superbe tab merci beaucoup je pense je vais pouvoir m'exercer grace a toi ^^



le 05/06/2009 23:23:34

tu a enlevé le fa# de la petite corde mi pour le solo de james mais je pense qu'il faut le laisser et jouer un ré complet en arpège



le 17/12/2008 17:11:12

Super tab merci ! =D



le 12/10/2008 14:30:01

Tres bonne mais tres dur xD
Ma gratte va fumer je pense ^^

Nothing Else Matters

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Metallica: St. Anger (Partition)
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