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Merle Travis
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Format : Too much sugar for a dime, Merle travis
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Too much sugar for a dime, Merle travis

From Mon Jun 5 01:22:51 PDT 1995 Article: 18087 of Path:!!!!!msunews!!!usenet From: (Carl Christensen) Newsgroups:,,, Subject: TAB: Too Much Sugar For A Dime by Merle Travis Date: Mon, 05 Jun 1995 05:46:09 GMT Organization: Net Access, Philadelphia, PA Lines: 187 Message-ID: <3qu5ob$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Forte Free Agent v0.46 Xref: This is one of my favorite Merle Travis songs and guitar riffs. The version I transcribed below is from the video "Merle Travis - Rare Performances" put out by Rounder (Vestapol 13012). I highly recommend it for fingerpickin' guitar fans. So get your guitar out of DADGAD tuning and give it a whirl! The bass rhythm is in quarter notes and the melody in eigths for the most part, the tab bar lines are actually every 2 measures. PS -- this song is also performed on the Merle Travis tribute CD "Saturday Night Shuffle" (Shanachie 6006), and performed by his son Thom Bresh (also pretty close to what I transcribed I think). PPS -- if someone knows what they say near the end ("??? might refuse") I'd appreciate telling me. Also, if there's any interest I'll transcribe Travis' solo break in the middle. Too Much Sugar For A Dime by Merle Travis e trumpet q Q e Eb (VI) Eb9 -------5--|--6-----5--------|--6--|---8------------------------|---------------- 6---8-----|-----8-----8--6--|-----|---------8------------------|---------------- ----------|-----------------|-----|---------------8------6-----|---------------- ----------|-----------------|-----|------8-----8-----8------5--|---------------- ----------|-----------------|-----|---6-----------6------------|---------------- ----------|-----------------|-----|---------6------------6-----|---------------- descend Eb (III) Dm (V) G#7 (IV) --------------------------|---5----------------------|------------------------- --------------4-----------|---------6------------4----|------------------------- -5-----4------3-----------|---------------7------5----|------------------------- ----4-----3------5-----5--|------7-----7-----7------4-|------------------------- --------------------6-----|---5-----------5-----------|------------------------- -5-----4------3-----------|---------5------------4----|------------------------- G7 (III) Cm (III) G7 -------------------------------|---3-----------3------------------------|------- -3--------------3--------------|---------4------------6-----------6-----|------- -4--------4-----4--------4-----|----------------------------4-----------|------- ----3--------3-----3--------3--|------5-----------5---------------------|------- -------------------------------|---3--------3------------5-----------5--|------- -3-----3--------3-----3--------|----------------------3--------3--------|------- Cm (III) G7 C9 C9 --------------------------------------|-------------------------------------- -4-----------4------3-----------3-----|-3-----------3------3-----------3----- -------5------------------4-----------|-3-----3-----3------3-----3-----3----- ----5-----------5------3-----------3--|----2-----------2------2-----------2-- -3--------3---------------------------|-------------------------------------- --------------------3--------3--------|-3--------3---------3--------3-------- Roll Eb (VI) -------------------------------------|-6--------6--------8--------8------------- -------4--------4--------4--------4--|-----8-----------------8------------------ ----5--------5--------5--------5-----|------------------------------------------ -7--------7--------7--------7--------|--------8--------8--------8--------8------- -------------------------------------|-6-----------------6---------------------- -------------------------------------|-------------6-----------------6---------- Eb (VI) Eb (VI) Dm (V) G#7 (IV) -6--------6---------6--------6--------|---5----------------------|------------- ----8-----------8------8-----------8--|---------6------------4----|------------- --------------------------------------|---------------7------5----|------------- -------8--------8---------8--------8--|------7-----7-----7------4-|------------- -6------------------6-----------------|---5-----------5-----------|------------- -------------6------------------6-----|---------5------------4----|------------- G7 (III) Eb (C7 type) Edim (V) -------------------------------|------6------------6--------------|------------- -3--------------3--------------|------4-----4------5--------------|------------- -4--------4-----4--------4-----|-------------------6--------6-----|------------- ----3--------3-----3--------3--|------5--------5------5--------5--|------------- -------------------------------|---6------------------------------|------------- -3-----3--------3-----3--------|---------6---------6-----6--------|------------- s roll -------------------------------------------|------------------------------------ ---------9---------8---------7--------6h6--|------------------------------------ -----10---------9---------8--------7-------|------------------------------------ 12----------11--------10--------9----------|------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------|------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------|------------------------------------ Cadd9 (VIII) F13 (VIII) Bb (VI) --------10----------------10-----10-----|---6-----------------------||---------- -8------------------8-------------------|---6-----------------------||---------- -9------------------8-------------------|---7-----------------------||---------- ----10----------10-----7-------------7--|---8-----------------5--8--||---------- ----------------------------------------|------8--7--6--5--8--------||---------- -8----------8-------8---------8---------|---6-----------------------||---------- Travis vocals in () Eb You've got too much sugar for a dime.... Dm G7 You're always handing me a line Cm G7 Always bragging 'bout what you've got Cm G7 Swimming pool, fancy yacht C9 F break/no chord I bet you don't know nothin' bout a boat (They float) Eb That's too much honey for my hive... (quit your buzzing queen bee) Dm G7 All you do is pitch a lot of jive Eb Edim (Well I know honey I've done ya dirt Bb G7 But you can wipe your shoes on my silk shirt) C F Bb That's too much sugar for a dime ** solos ** (if any interest I'll transcribe Travis' middle solo!) You've got too much sugar for a dime (I've got barrels of that stuff) Yak yak yak all the time (Yak along Travis, that's me) Now if you could sing like Gordon McRae, King Cole, or Mel Torme May I would come down off the shelf (I'm a Tex Ritter man myself) Too much candy for the cost (well I have it girl) So do me a favor (what's that?) get lost! (Well I guess I'll give the devil his due!) No no ???? [patrillo?] might refuse That's too much sugar for a dime! (ad lib, "This dime ain't no good anyway, it's got a picture of _your favorite here :-)_ on it") Well turn it over, cause there's a picture of you on the other side! That's too much sugar for a dime! ------ Carl Christensen /~~\_/~ ,,, For music fun in Windows E-mail: | #=#==========# | download C/C++/FoxPro Consultant \__/~\_/ ``` at a popular FTP site! Philadelphia, PA Obligatory WWW page -->

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