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Merle Haggard
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Format : Daddy frank, Merle haggard
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Daddy frank, Merle haggard

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 9/18/96; 12:04:03 AM From: Darragh Egan <darragh@switchtech.net> Subject: Daddy Frank(crd) by Merle Haggard MERLE HAGGARD -- DADDY FRANK (THE GUITAR MAN) Written by Merle Haggard - Tree Pub. Co. Inc. / CBS Music Group (BMI), 1971? Transcribed from: Merle Haggard, "Collectors Series" - Capitol Records, 1990. Original single released in 1971. SPOKEN INTRO [no music]: Let me tell you about a song that I feel explains itself. It's called: "Daddy Frank, the Guitar Man." INTRO: | D | A | D[stop] | [NC] CHORUS: |D | | | Daddy Frank played the guitar and the french harp, | | |A | Sister played the ringing tambourine. | | | | Mama couldn't hear our pretty music, | | |D | She read our lips and helped the family sing. That [D]little band was all a part of living, And our only means of living at the [A]time; And it wasn't like no normal family combo, Cause Daddy Frank the guitar man was [D]blind. |G | |D | Frank and mama counted on each other; |G | |Bm | Their one and only weakness made them strong. |G | |D | Mama did the driving for the family, |Bm | |A | And Frank made a living with a song. |G | |D | Home was just a camp along the highway; |G | |Bm | A pick-up bed was where we bedded down. |G | |D | Don't ever once remember going hungry, |D G |D A |D |D [<-1 strum But I remember mama cooking on the ground. per letter] [REPEAT CHORUS] [G]Don't remember how they got ac[D]quainted; I [G]can't recall just how it came to [Bm]be. There [G]had to be some special help from [D]someone, And [Bm]blessed be the one that let it [A]be. [G]Fever caused my mama's loss of [D]hearing. [G]Daddy Frank was born without his [Bm]sight. [G]And mama needed someone she could [D]lean on, |D G |D A |D |Bb [<-changes key] And I believe the guitar man was right. REPEAT CHORUS IN KEY OF Eb [Either capo up one fret or substitute Eb for D, and Bb for A]. FADE OUT TOWARDS END OF CHORUS. Eb: 365343 or xx5343 Bb: 113331 or xx3331 or 688766 Transcribed by Darragh Egan <darragh@switchtech.net> Thanks to whoever posted the lyrics for this song to COWPIE.

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tablature daddy frank merle haggard

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