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Loreena Mckennitt
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Format : Skellig, Loreena mckennitt
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Skellig, Loreena mckennitt

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 18:57:09 -0800 From: Subject: m/mckennitt_loreena/ Information : Title : Skellig Album : Book of secrets Author : Loreena McKennitt Transcription by : David Msika ( Information ----------- Title : Skellig Artist : Loreena McKennitt Album : Book of secrets Transcription : David Msika ( Notation : Ce is the Cello line. It is a sustained single note, but you can play it as a chord (this is the reason why the C is minor in the Ce notation, instead of a regular C note) ~ : slide p : pull-off h : hammer (10) : transition note Chords E A D G B E Cm 8 10 10 8 8 8 Bb 6 8 8 7 6 6 G# 4 6 6 5 4 4 G 3 5 5 4 3 3 D 10 12 12 11 10 10 Intro (Violin)- With vibrato. Ce : Cm Bb Cm D Cm Db Cm Bb E ---8-8--8h10p8-6------8--10--6--8-----11--11--11---10p8--6------ B ---------------------------------------------------------------- Ch : Cm Cm Bb G Cm Bb Cm Bb G E ---8---8h10p8--6---8-------8--10--(10)h11-(11)p10--8---6-------- B -----------------------8------------------------------------8--- Ch : Cm Cm Bb Cm Cm Bb Cm E ---8-8-6-8-8---10--11---13--15------8-8---8h10p8-6---10---8----- B ---------------------------------------------------------------- Intro 2 (Guitar arpeggios over the pan flute) Disk time : 00:44 mn Those arpeggios are play through the whole song. You can either play them as indicated, with minor variations in the sequences, or just slam the chords down Cm Bb G# Bb Cm E ---------------------------------|------------------------------ B ---------------------------------|------------------------------ G -----------8------------------7--|-------5-------7--------7----- D -------10-----------------8------|------6-------8-------10------ A ----10----------------8----------|-----6-------8------10-------- E -8----------------6--------------|----4-------6------8---------- (Violin part - Overlapping the arpeggios)Disk Time : 01:00 Listen to the song to figure out measure's length. E ----------------------------------------3----------------------- B -------6------------3--------------3-4----6-4-3-4-6---3-4------- G -5-7-8---8-7--5-3-5----3-5---5-3-5------------------------5-3-5- D ---------------------------------------------------------------- A ---------------------------------------------------------------- E ---------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- THE SONG ------------------------------ Chords and Lyrics. Disk time : 01:20 mn Cm Bb G# Bb Cm E -------------------------------|--------------------------------- B --------------------8----6-----|----3--4---6----4--3------------- G ------5-------7--8-------------|----------------------3---5------ D -5-----------------------------|--------------------------------- A -------------------------------|--------------------------------- E -------------------------------|--------------------------------- O light the candle John, the daylight is almost gone Cm Bb G# Bb Cm E -------------------------------|-----------3------------------- B ----------------------8-----6--|--3---4---------6--3----------- G -------5----7----8-------------|------------------------5------ D --5----------------------------|------------------------------- A -------------------------------|------------------------------- E -------------------------------|------------------------------- The birds have sung their last, the bells call all to mass G# Bb Am G# Bb Am E -----------------------------|---------------------6---4---3--- B --------13----11--10---------|---------------8--6-------------- G --12-------------------12----|--5--7---8----------------------- D -----------------------------|--------------------------------- A -----------------------------|--------------------------------- E -----------------------------|--------------------------------- Sit here by my side, for the night is ve----ry long G# Bb Am G# Bb Am E --------------------------------|------------------------------ B --------------------------------|----------8----6-------------- G ---------------13--11--10-------|--7---8-------------7----5---- D ---12-----12----------------12--|------------------------------ A --------------------------------|------------------------------ E --------------------------------|------------------------------ There's something I must tell, before I pass a--long (Repeat the same chords over the rest of the song) I joined the brotherhood, my books were all to me I scribed the words of God and much of history Many a year was I perched out upon the sea the waves would wash my tears, the wind my memory I'd hear the ocean breathe, exhale upon the shore I knew the tempest blood, its wrath I would endure And so the years went by within my rocky cell With only a mouse or bird, my friends I loved them well And so it came to pass, I'd come here to Romani And many a year it took, till I arrived here with thee On dusty roads I walked, and over mountains high Through rivers running deep, beneath the endless sky Long bridge (Violin part)Disk Time 03:47 mn It's very easy to pick the cello and pan flute notes played over that bridge, so I didn't bother writing them. E ------------------------------------------------------------- B ---6-8--8-9-8-6-----------------------------6-8--9-8-6------- G -8----------------8-7-8-7-5---8-5---7-8-7-8------------------ E -------------------------------------------------------6-5--- B --------------------6--8~~~(13)-13-11-10-------6-8-8-6-----8- G --8-7-8-5---3-5---8----------------------12--8--------------- E ------------------------------------------------------------- B ----6-8~~(13)-13--11-10-------6-8--6------------------------- G --8---------------------12--8--------7-5--------------------- (Disk Time : 04:24 mn) Beneath these jasmine flowers, amidst these cypress trees I give you now my booksm and all their mysteries Now take the hourglass and turn it on its head For when the sands are still, 'tis when you'll find me dead O light the candle John, the daylight is almost gone the birds have sung their last, the bells call all to mass. Sorry, no outro ;-)

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