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Matthew Sweet
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Format : Knowing people, Matthew sweet
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Knowing people, Matthew sweet

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # # For the latest collection of Matthew Sweet chords, go to # http://www.uark.edu/~cbray/sweet/ # # If you have any corrections or additions to this file, please email them # to cbray@comp.uark.edu # Knowing People Written by Matthew Sweet(EMI Blackwood Music, Inc./Charm Trap Music 1993) Found on Altered Beast LP (1993) Transcription arranged by Jason Robinson (SporkGD@aol.com or shaft@trib.infi.net for questions or comments) This is one of the best tunes on Altered Beast(at least in my opinion). It just is powerful and gritty, so if you heard it live, you know that distortion is heavily used. Like most of the songs on Altered Beast, this song uses rhythm guitar and Richard Llyod backing up with the squeals and lead alongside. If I ever get the lead part singled out, I'll add on. But the song's fairly simple... Standard Tuning Verse Riff (played four times before first verse) --palm mute this riff the whole way through B N.C. E 6----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3--------9-----------9-------------------------------------------------------------------------6---6-/-7--6- 2----x--9------x---9----------------9----7----5------5-/-7---7--------7----x--x--x--------------------- 1----x--7---x------7-------5-/-7------------------------------------0---------0--0--0--------------------- Intro Verse Riff 4 times, band enters on third riff Verse B N.C. Are you made like God E When you start to bleed B N.C. Do you really know E What it is to breathe B N.C. Without a mind to think E Or a hand in fate B N.C. You're an animal E Filled with love and hate --------------------------------------------------- Pre chorus Riff E N.C. D E D E N.C. 6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5---pm~~~~~-------------------------------pm~~~~~~~~---------------------------------- 4----9--------9----------------------------------7-/--9----7-/--9------------------------7h8h9--- 3----9---x---9-----------------5-/-9--5------7-/--9----7-/--9------------5--7-/-9-------------- 2----7---7---7--------5-/-7--------------------5-/--7----5-/--7----5--7-------------------------- 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-chorus E And you N.C. D E D E And the way you move N.C. E And the things you say N.C. D E D E Your desperate dreams N.C. Are pathetic Chorus D C# E I don't like knowing people D C# E I don't like people knowing about me D C# E I don't like knowing people D C# E I don't like people knowing about me Verse Why should we care What we do or say Why would we long For yesterday What is here And who wants to stay No lasting life And no judgement day Pre-chorus And the fact of you And the way you move And the things you say Your desperate dreams Are pathetic Chorus I don't like knowing people I don't like people knowing about me I don't like knowing people I don't like people knowing about me What are you lookin' at? Bridge Riff 6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4-----------------------------------~~~~~-------------------------------~~~~~---- 3----pm~~~~~~~~~~~----5-----------pm~~~~~~~~~~~---5------------ 2----5---7---x---7-----5---7----------------5---7---x---7-----5--7---------------- 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8----- 4------------------------------------^1/2-------------------------------------------x---x----7----- 3----pm~~~~------------5--7/-------(7)--5h7p5-----5---------------------x---x----7---- 2----5--7--x--7-----5--7--------------------------------7-------5--7--x--7----x---x---------- 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5----8--8--8------8--x--x--x---8--8--8--8--8--8-----8--8----x--x--x---------- 4----7--7--7------7--x--x--x---7--7--7--9--7--7-----7--7----x--x--x----------- 3----7--7--7------7--x--x--x---7--7--7--7--7--7-----7--7----x--x--x----------- 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5----8--8--8--8--8-----8----8--8--8--8----8--8--8--8--------------8--8--8--8- 4----7--7--7--9--7-----7----7--7--9--7----7--7--9--7--------------7--7--7--7-- 3----7--7--7--7--7-----7----7--7--7--7----7--7--7--7--------------7--7--7--7-- 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chorus I don't like knowing people I don't like people knowing about me I don't like knowing people I don't like people knowing about me I don't like knowing people And I don't like people knowing about me I don't like knowing people And I don't like people knowing about me Get out of here Outro Just use the same chords as the chorus until you feel like stopping

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tablature knowing people matthew sweet

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