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Mason Proffitt
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Format : Two hangmen, Mason proffitt
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Two hangmen, Mason proffitt

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From uunet!!!!!pwh Sun Oct 25 13:51:05 PST 1992 Article: 3104 of Newsgroups: Path:!uunet!!!!!pwh From: (Pete Hartman) Subject: Re: REQ: Two Hangmen Message-ID: <> Organization: Bradley University References: <> Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 16:30:09 GMT Lines: 54 In <> (/kur'- bee/) writes: >Not sure who does this song but I believe his name is Christopher >Something-or-the-other. The original is by Mason Proffitt, a 60's country-rock kinda band. The chords are the same for all the verses, so I only show them for the first one. I'm not certain what the chords are for the Outtro. The lyrics, from the sleeve: D A As I rode in to Tombstone on my horse his name was Mac C G I saw what I'll relate to you goin' on behind my back F# G It seems the folks were up in arms, a man now had to die A For believin' things that didn't fit the laws they set aside The man's name was "I'm a Freak", the best that I could see He was the executioner, a hangman just like me I guess that he'd seen loopholes from workin' with his rope He'd hung the wrong man many times, so now he turned to hope He talked to all the people from his scaffold in the square He told them of the things he found, but they didn't seem to care He said the laws were obsolete, a change they should demand But the people only walked away, he couldn't understand The marshall's name was "Uncle Sam", he said he'd right this wrong He'd make the hangman shut his mouth if it took him all year long He finally arrested Freak and then he sent for me To hang a fellow hangman from a fellow hangman's tree It didn't take them long to try him in their court of law He was guilty then of thinkin', a crime much worse than all They sentenced him to die, so his seed of thought can't spread And infect the little children, that's what the law had said So the hangin' day came round, and he walked up to the noose I pulled the lever but before he fell, I cut him loose They called it all conspiracy, and then I had to die So to close our mouths and kill our minds, they hung us side by side And now we're too hangmen hangin' from a tree That don't bother me at all (repeat ad nauseum) -- Pete Hartman Bradley University No one in the world ever gets what they want, and that is beautiful Everbody dies frustrated and sad, and that is beautiful

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tablature two hangmen mason proffitt

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