Tablature ode to a life

Mary S Danish
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Format : Ode to a life, Mary s danish
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Ode to a life, Mary s danish

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Ode To A Life by Mary's Danish From the album "American Standard" intro Em G |------------------0---0-0-----|------------------3---3-3-----| |------------------0---0-0-----|------------------3---3-3-----| |------------------0---0-0-----|------------------0---0-0-----| play 2x |-----2-0----------2---2-2-----|-----2-0----------0---0-0-----| |-0-2-----2-0------2---2-2-----|-0-2-----2-0------2---2-2-----| |--------------0---0---0-0-----|--------------3---3---3-3-----| Am Am/G Am/F# |------------------0-------0-------0---| |------------------1-------1-------1---| |------------------2-------2-------2---| play 2x |-----2-0-------2--------2-------2-----| |-0-2-----2-0-0------------------------| |----------------------3-------2-------| Follow picking pattern of first two bars of intro for the lines of the verse with the Em and G progression. Then onthe Am and G lines, use the intro kick with the Am only. You'll see what I mean when you listen to the song. I tried to represent the rhythm with spacing, but listen to the song for exactitude. Same applies for the placement of the intro licks in the verse. (Verse 1) Em G Oooh, well I've been thinkin' Em G there are some things that are troublin' me Am F G and I just can't keep it in Em G Across the ocean Em G A life is spiraling to the ground Am Bm with miles still to fall a voice is screaming out: (Chorus) G F Please don't leave me 'cause I C G just couldn't take it G F I'm so afraid and I C G just can't fake it G F C G Fear inside me won't you just let go G F 'Cause there's nothing worse C G than a broken heart (Verse 2) Em G Oooh, so here I stand Em G On the edge of something new Am F G that you will always give to me Em G With tears of sorrow Em G My life is spiraling to the ground Am Bm with miles still to fall my voice is screaming out: (Chorus) (Accordion solo) (Chorus 2x) There it is. I think I've got the order right, but I may be wrong. I took the lyrics straight from the CD booklet (though I took the liberty of adding in the "Oooh"'s for extra effect). Questions, comments and praise can be sent to Oster-toaster ( If you would like to c hat about Mary's Danish, feel free to write as well. I'm no expert or historian, but I sure love their stuff! Thank you, He Who Toasts

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    ode to a life

    Album : American Standard

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    tablature ode to a life mary s danish

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