Tablature i see you again

Mary Karlzen
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Format : I see you again, Mary karlzen
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I see you again, Mary karlzen

{t:I SEE YOU AGAIN} {st:Mary Karlzen} #[Actually in F; capo 5.] {c: F, capo 5. fret} Intro: C Am Em G C Am Em G [C] I thought about you the [Am]other day [Em] So I followed up and [G]wrote you this letter [C] It's not like I got [Am]much to say, [Em] I just miss you some[G]times [C] Well I know we were never [Am]meant to be Like the su[Em]mmer wind and the w[G]inter's crashing sea [C] There is something I can't [Am]understand When I [Em]look up [G] I see [C]you again,[G] I see [C]you again [G] And like the [Am]summer wind that you [Em]are You fly right [C]up, [F] here you are [F] And this long distance don't account for touch (?) I hope (?) for you to live a little bit closer Could it be that I am asking too much Counting out Everything I have today Too much time and not enough words to say For all the things that I could really mean Really mean, really mean I see you again, I see you again And like the winter wind that I am I'll fly right up, here I am [Em] But I can hear you [F]playing late at night [C] The windows open and the [Am]wind blowing [Em]through [Em9] Blowing [G]through [G] I guess that's all I've gotta say And nothing changes, nothing stays the same Rip it up and throw it away And watch the years go by I know I know we were never meant to be Like the summer wind and the winter's crashing sea There is one thing I can't understand When I look up I see you again, I see you again And like the summer wind that you are You fly right [G]up [G] And I see you again, I see you again And like the winter wind that I am I'll fly right [G]up, [F] here I am,[F] [F] here I am,[F] here I a[C]m

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tablature i see you again mary karlzen

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