Tablature little joe the wrangler

Marty Robbins
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Format : Little joe the wrangler, Marty robbins
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Little joe the wrangler, Marty robbins

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Gene L. Graham <> Date: Saturday, March 28, 1998 12:34 AM Subject: LITTLE JOE THE WRANGLER LITTLE JOE THE WRANGLER Recorded by Marty Robbins CAPO: 3RD FRET/KEY: F/PLAY: D [D] Little Joe, The Wrangler, will [G] wrangle nevermore His [D] days with the roundup, they are [A7] o'er Was a [D] year ago last April, when he [G] rode into our camp Just a [D] little Texas [A7] stray and nothin' [D] more. Was late in the ev'nin', when he [G] rode into our camp On a [D] little Texas pony, he called [A7] Chaw With his [D] brogan shoes and overalls, a [G] tougher lookin' kid You [D] never in your [A7] life before, had [D] saw. His [G] saddle was a Texas 'kack' built [D] many years ago An O.K. spur on one foot, lightly [A7] swung With his [D] pack rolled in a cotton sack, so [G] loosely tied behind And a [D] canteen from his [A7] saddle horn, was [D] slung. He said he had to leave his home, his [G] pa had married twice His [D] new ma whipped him every day or [A7] two So he [D] saddled up old Chaw one night and [G] "lit a shuck" this way He [D] said he'd try to [A7] paddle his own can-[A7] oe. He'd [G] said if we would give him work, he'd [D] do the best he could Tho' he didn't know straight up, about a [A7] cow So the [D] Boss, he cut him out a mount and [G] kindly put him on He [D] sorta liked this [A7] little kid, some-[D] how. He learned to wrangle horses and [G] learned to know them all And [D] get them in at daybreak, if he [A7] could And to [D] trail the old chuck wagon and [G] always hitch the team And [D] help the "cookie" [A7] ev'nin's - rustle [D] wood. We had [G] hardly reached the Pecos, the [D] weather it was fine We were camped down on the south side, in a [A7] draw When a [D] 'Norther' commenced blowin' and we [G] doubled up our guard It took [D] ev'ryone of [A7] us, to hold them [D] in. Little Joe, The Wrangler, was [G] called out with the rest Scarcely [D] had the little fellow reached the [A7] herd When the [D] cattle, they stampeded, like a [G] hail storm on, they fled And [D] ev'ryone was [A7] ridin' for the [D] lead. A-[G] mid the streaks of lightnin', there was [D] one horse up ahead He was tryin' to catch the leader in their [A7] speed It was [D] Little Joe, The Wrangler, with a [G] slicker o'er his head He was [D] ridin' old Blue [A7] Rocket in the [D] lead. At last, we got them millin' and [G] kinda quieted down And the [D] extra guards, back to the wagon, [A7] went But [D] there was one a-missin', you could [G] see it, at a glance Was our [D] little Texas [A7] stray, poor wrangler [D] Joe. Next [G] mornin', just at daybreak, we [D] found where Rocket fell Down in a washout, twenty feet be-[A7] low Be-[D] neath his horse, his life was gone, his [G] spur had rung its knell Was our [D] little Texas [A7] stray, poor wrangler [D] Joe. SOURCE: Marty Robbins-More Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs/Columbia CS-8272

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little joe the wrangler

Album : Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs / More Gunfighter Ballads

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Marty Robbins: The Marty Robbins Songbook

Marty Robbins: The Marty Robbins Songbook
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tablature little joe the wrangler marty robbins

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