Tablature wonder if he knows

Mark Wills
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Format : I wonder if he knows, Mark wills
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I wonder if he knows, Mark wills

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From: Amber E Beach <garthlvr@juno.com> Date: Saturday, May 30, 1998 11:46 AM Subject: my first song submission i am teaching myself to play the guitar, so please bear with me. any corrections or suggestions are welcome. just email me at garthlvr@juno.com anyway, here goes... Song: I Wonder if He Knows Sung by: Mark Wills Written by: Tim Mensy and Roger Springer From the cd: Mark Wills Transcribed by: Amber Beach Intro: G C-D G C-D Verse 1: [G]She don't like to [C]stay out [D]late [G]She'd rather be at [C] home [D] [G]Holdin' hands by the [C]fire [D] place I [C]wonder [D]if he [G]knows [D] Verse 2 (same chord progression as 1) She likes moonlit walks on the seashore sand Pickin up shells with her toes It's the silly things that make her laugh Oh I wonder if he knows. (don't play the D, stay on G to the chorus) Chorus I [C]wonder if he [G]knows [D]just where her [C]heart has [G]been I [C]wonder if it [G]shows she won't [Em]let it be [D]broken [C]again It took a [C]long time to mend I [D]wonder [C]if he [G]knows G C-D G C-D Verse 3 and 4 (same chords as 1 and 2) She believes in a wedding band And if the truth be told She's gonna need a one woman man I wonder if he knows She can't trust a man who tells a lie That's farther than she will go She'll find the strength to say goodbye Oh I wonder if he knows. Chorus then G C D G Oh I [C]wonder [D]if he [G]knows just hold out G to end it

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tablature I wonder if he knows mark wills

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