Tablature sailing to philadelphia

Mark Knopfler
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Format : Sailing to philadelphia, Mark knopfler
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Sailing to philadelphia, Mark knopfler

Intro: F#m11 Eadd9 E |-----|~~~~~~------------|--------------|--------------|---------------|------| |-----|0-----------------|-2------------|-----------2--|---------------|------| |----2|------4>6>4-2---4-|----2---------|--------2-----|-4-------4->-1-|------| |---4-|------------------|--------4>2-4-|-----4--------|---------------|------| |--4--|------------------|--------------|--------------|---------------|------| |-2---|------------------|--------------|--------------|---------------|------| I'm Verse 1: F#m11 (Fig1) Jeremiah Dixon I am a Geordie boy A glass of wine with you, sir And the Aadd9 D(Fig2) E A D Dadd9 E A ladies I'll enjoy All Durham and Northumberland Is measured up by my own D Dmaj7 E A D Dadd9 Dmaj7 hand It was my fate from birth To make my mark upon the Eadd9 earth. Verse 2: He calls me Charlie Mason A stargazer am I It seems that I was born To chart the evening sky They'd cut me out for baking bread But I had other dreams instead This baker's boy from the west country Would join the Royal Society... Chorus: A E F#m(Fig3) D A We are sailing to Philadelphia C#m Bm E A world away from the coaly Tyne C#m F#m D F#m Sailing to Philadelphia E (Fig4) To draw the line D E A A Mason-Dixon Line Verse 3: Now you're a good surveyor, Dixon But I swear you'll make me mad The West will kill us both You gullible Geordie lad You talk of liberty How can America be free A Geordie and a baker's boy In the forests of the Iroquois... Verse 4: Now hold your head up, Mason See America lies there The morning tide has raised The capes of Delaware Come up and feel the sun A new morning has begun Another day will make it clear Why your stars should guide us here... Chorus: We are sailing to Philadelphia A world away from the coaly Tyne Sailing to Philadelphia To draw the line A Mason-Dixon Line Fig1: F#m11 |---------2-------|-------------------| |-----------2-----|-------------------| |--------------2--|-------------------| |-----------------|-4-----------------| |-----------------|-------------------| |-----------------|-------------------| Fig2: D Dmaj7 E A |-----------------|-------------------| |-----------------|-5-----------------| |--------6--------|-------------------| |----------7------|-------------------| |--------------7--|-------------------| |-----------------|-------------------| Fig3: F#m D A C#m Bm E C#m |-----------------|-------------------|----5------------|-------------------| |---------5-3-2>3>|2------------------|----5--5--5------|-------------------| |-------------2---|-------------------|----4--2--4----4-|-------------------| |---------6-4-----|-------------------|-----------------|--(6)--------------| |-----------------|-------------------|-----------------|-------------------| |-----------------|-------------------|-----------------|-------------------| Fig4: E D E A |-----------------0-------------------|-----------------|-------------------| |-----------------0-------------------|--3------5-------|-------------------| |-----------------2->-1---------------|-----------------|--6----------------| |--------------------------4-----2----|--4------6-------|--7----------------| |-------------------------------------|-----------------|-------------------| |-------------------------------------|-----------------|-------------------|

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    Sailing to philadelphia

    Album : Sailing to Philadelphia

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