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Mark Curry
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Format : All over me, Mark curry
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All over me, Mark curry

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 15:43:53 +0100 From: (Anand Kumar) Subject: TAB: ccurry_markall_over_me MARK CURRY - ALL OVER ME from the VIRGIN album "IT'S ONLY TIME" copyright 1992 by Virgin Records America Inc. (who failed to publish his third album!) written by MARK CURRY transcribed by Anand Kumar using a CD, an ancoustic and two ears (, Mark Curry - Vocals and Acoustic Waddy Wachtel - electric slide guitar Paul Roessler - organ Kenny Lyon - bass Charlie Quintana- drums and percussion bu - bend up rb - release bend ^ - pull off OR hammer on bq - bend a 1/4 note / or - slide examples: 7bu8, bend string at 7th fret to make it sound like the 8th 7bq , bend string at 7th fret to make it sound a 1/4 note higher I normally try to figure out the rhythm exactly, because in my opinion a tab without rhythmic information is not a great help to learn a song. But in this case I just can't. Mr. Curry seems not to be concerned if anybody can transcribe the stuff he plays or not (why should he?), so it'll have to do without. Excuse the errors. I have some difficulties sometimes to hear his guitar in the recording. Never forget to give Mr. Curry his credits performing this song. I think he could use selling some more of his CDs. This is for YOU, Paul! I play the chords as follows: F#(II) F#(VI) E(IV) E(VII) B B B7 C# A Bb bridge chorus e-I--2------6--------0-----7--------2--7--2---4---5--6-----------I b-I--2------7--------5-----9--------4--7--4---6---5--6-----------I g-I--3------6--------4-----9--------4--8--2---6---6--7-----------I d-I--4------8--------6-----9--------4--9--4---6---7--8-----------I A-I--4------9--------7-----7--------2--9--2---4---7--8-----------I E-I--2---------------0-----0-----------7----------5--6-----------I plus some more chords in the bridge... Played this way the slides between the chords sound good to me. INTRO/VERSE F# e-I-----------------------I------------------2--------------I b-I-----------------------I-.---------------------2-2-------I g-I-----------------------I-----------------------3-3-------I d-I----fast!--------------I-.-------------------------------I A-I-----------------------I---------------------------------I E-I--7bu8rb7^5--2^0--5bq--I---2~~~~~---------------------2--I E B e-I-----------(0)---------------------I----------2--------x-x------I b-I------------5-----------5----------I----------------4--x-x------I g-I--------------------------4--------I-------------------2-x------I d-I---------------------/6--------64-I--4-------------------------I A-I--5/7~~~~~------------------7------I--2-------------------------I E-I-----------------------------------I------------------------5bq-I F# last bar intro F# e-I-----------2--------------------------I----------- b-I------------------------------------.-I----------- g-I--------------------------------------I-----------and so on in a million d-I------------------------------------.-I-----------different variations A-I--------------------------------------I----------- E-I--2~~~~~--------7bu8rb7^5--2^0--5bq---I--2~~~~~--- F# last bar verse F# e-I-----------2--------------------------I----------- b-I------------------------------------.-I----------- g-I-----------------3--------------------I-----------and so on in a million d-I------------------------------------.-I-----------different variations A-I--------------------------------------I----------- E-I--2~~~~~------------------------0-----I--2~~~~~--- Intro Verse1 F# E(IV) It's raining all over B7 F# All over me F# E(VI) Oh I didn't even see it coming B7 F# Now it's all over me bass&drum F# E(IV) Starin' into a puddle on my front porch B7 F# Feelin' to small to swim F# E(IV) Carin' nothin' about nothin' at all prechorus B It's just me, myself, a dog named spun Jim C# I hate to think that I've been played E(VII) A(V) Bb(VI) B(VII) for some kind of fool B think about it baby Fill1 who's foolin' who Fill1 goes like this: e-I-7--------------------------I b-I-7--------------------------I g-I-8-(stop)-------------------I d-I-9--------------------------I A-I-9-----------------2--4--6--I E-I-7--------------------------I chorus F# C#(IV) It's raining all over B(II) F# All over me F# C#(IV) B(II) F#(as in Intro) It's raining all over Verse2 F# E It's almost midnight and it's still coming down B7 F# all over me F# E Ain't no little light shining round my way B7 F# least none I can see organ F# E and poor little jim is just soaked through to the bone B7 F# he's tired and cold man, he's feelin' alone F# E and he seen lightnin' and it ain't frightnin' to him prechorus B(II) if he gets struck down he knows, it's just the way, the way it goes C# E(VII) A Bb B And I think me and Jim's the same, just tryin' to be free B(VII) think about it baby Fill1 sure something to see chorus electric guitar F# C# It's raining all over B F# All over me F# C# It's raining all over B F# All over me ...and I know, C# E(VII) and I know nothin' ain't gonna stop it now, well B(II) Ain't it funny how BRIDGE goes something like this: F#(VI) F#/E Eb7 D e-I--------------------------------------------------------I b-I--------------------------------------------------------I g-I------6---6---------6---6---------6---6---------2---2---I d-I----8---8---------4-------------4---4---------4---------I A-I--9-------------7-------------6-------------5-----5-----I E-I--------------------------------------------------------I Yesterday... C# B e-I--------------------------------------2---2-----------------I b-I------------------------------------4---4---4---------------I g-I------1---1---------1---1---------4-----------4-------------I d-I----3---3---------3---3---------4---------------4-----------I A-I--4-------------4-------------2-------------------2~~~~-----I E-I------------------------------------------------------------I bridge F#(VI) F#/E yesterday the sun was shinin' Eb7 I thought she was mine D don't know why she's cryin' C# B you know, I didn't even see it comin' and Fill1 now it's all over me chorus to end It's all over me I didnt even see it I didnt even see it comin and now it's all over me Now it's all over me Whenever you can bind two chords by a slide, DO IT. That's all. ____________________________________________________ Anand Kumar; "Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral..." - D. Vader Neither me... you perhaps?

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    all over me

    Album : It's Only Time

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    tablature all over me mark curry

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