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Marilyn Manson
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Format : Great big white world, Marilyn manson
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Great big white world, Marilyn manson

Artist: Marilyn Manson Song: Great Big White World Album: Mechanical Animals Standard tuning this should be pretty easy to understand and I guarantee that its accurate just trust me on that I spent a good portion of 3 hours going over and over it. Notations ^ bend ( basically all the bends in this song are only a half step except during the solo near the end) / slide up slide down hey, would you believe that's it? If you want to know exactly how many times everything is played just keep reading im setting this up In many different ways so everyone can better understand it all Riff (A) this riff is heard through out the song * this is a bend ? step and release done again and again just listen to the song you'll get it e--------------------------------------------------------------------- B-----------------*--------------------------------------------------- G-----------8-----7^7^7^7-----------------8----7---------------------- D----10-------------------------8-----10--------------10-----8-------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------- Fill (F1) this fill is actually Madonna on the keys but it tabbed it and it sounds really good it comes right after the first verse. e----11-----8-------13------8------4------8------4----------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------ G----8------5-------10------5------1------5------1----------------- Riff (B) This riff is heard a couple of times throughout the song e-------------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------------------- G--------8---7--------8---7-------7-------8---7-------8----7--------7------ D---10----------10----------10--------9----------9-------------9----------- A-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riff (B) cont… e------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------------- G------8---7------8---7------7--------8---7-----8---7-------7------------- D--8-----------8----------8--------7----------7----------7---------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so my timing is off a little just listen and you'll figure it out Riff (C) The bend in this riff are once again ? step bend then release e----------------------------------------------------------------------8--- B-------------------------------------------------------------------------- G--------8----10-10^10---8------------------8-----10----10^10----8--------- D--10-----------------------------10-------10------------------------------ A-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Chorus (C1) * hold these notes and then do the slide up G--*-------------*--------------------------------------------------------------- D--3------/------6--------/-------10------10---10---10---10--8---8----8--------- A--3------/------6--------/-------10------10---10---10---10--8---8----8--------- E--1------/------4--------/--------8------8----8----8----8---6---6----6--------- 1st chorus cont.. G-------------------------------------------------------- D---8-8-8---8--6--6----6-6-6---6---5---5-5-----4------- A---8-8-8---8--6--6----6-6-6---6---5---5-5-----4------- E---6-6-6---6--4--4----4-4-4---4---3---3-3-----2------- Chorus 2 (C2) This is different from the first chorus * hold these notes and then do the slide up % after playing this note slide back down to the beginning and start over then continue in other words play what's here then repeat it and continue on to Chorus 2 cont.. G--*-------------*-----------------------------------------------------%--------- D--3------/------6--------/-------10------10---10---10---10--8---8----8--------- A--3------/------6--------/-------10------10---10---10---10--8---8----8--------- E--1------/------4--------/-------8-------8----8----8----8---6---6----6--------- Chorus 2 cont… G-------------------------------------------------------- D---8-8-8---8--6--6----6-6-6---6---5---5-5-----4------- A---8-8-8---8--6--6----6-6-6---6---5---5-5-----4------- E---6-6-6---6--4--4----4-4-4---4---3---3-3-----2------- Fill 2 (F2) I know I know it just keeps going but I tabbed all the guitar in this song This is actually the solo Play each note and bend the tremlo back to stretch your strings and cause the pitch to raise about one full step. If you don't have a tremlo just bend the string but make sure you exaggerate the bend e---13--13--13--13--13--13--15--15--15--15--15--15-16-16---16-16--16--16- cont.. e----18-18---18---20-20-20--20- repeat the first part of the solo and then play this part more solo cont… *right about here gradually depress your tremlo e-------20-----20-----20-----20------20---------20------20-----20-----20-----18-------- B--18-----18-----18-----18-----18-----------18------18----18-----18-----18------------- Fill 3 (F3) This fill is barely audible behind the last chorus but I'm sure its right *gradually bend the string then slide up to the 10 e--------------------%------------------------------------------- G--------------------8^8-8^8---8^8---8---6----------------------- B---*------------------------------------------------------------ D---5^----/10---------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------- % bend release bend release you've done it before continue to play the part in between the line until the end of the song and that's all the guitar in the song now onto another way to help you play it Riff A x4 vocals enter on 3rd repeat Fill 1 even though its just keys I like to play it Riff B x2 Riff C x4 Chorus 1 once Riff A x4 vocals on 3rd repeat Riff C x4 Chorus 2 once Riff B x2 Chorus 2 once no lyrics Fill 2 playing in back round Chorus 2 this time with lyrics Fill 3 playing in back round There you have it work with it listen to the song to figure out the timing and exactly where everything fits in any questions or comments send them to enjoy

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great big white world

Album : Mechanical Animals

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Lick Library : Learn To Play Marilyn Manson

Lick Library : Learn To Play Marilyn Manson
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tablature great big white world marilyn manson

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