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Format : For love, Lush
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For love, Lush

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 15:26:03 -0500 From: Dominick Mancine <> Subject: TAB: solo for "For Love" by Lush From: Lee Eugene T <> Subject: CRD: For Love - Lush (solo -- added by Dominick Mancine []) INTRO: E - C E - C E - E C#m G#m PRETTY LITTLE GIRL, SHE SHINES F#m B KNOWING SHE IS YOUNG, SHE SMILES C#M G#m HAPPY JUST TO BE A PRIZE F#m B HAPPY JUST TO SEE HIM SMILE (same as 1st verse) SILLY LITTLE GIRL, SHE TRIES THINKING SHE IS GOOD AND WISE DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THE LIES POURING FROM HER LIPS SHE SIGHS C#m B(ON THE 7TH FRET) THIS IS SO REAL C#M B(ON THE 7TH FRET) IT'S WHAT I FEEL C#M G#M F#M B I LOOK IN YOUR EYES AND LOSE MYSELF (SAME AS FIRST VERSE) SILLY LITTLE GIRL DENIES NEVER UNDERSTANDING WHY HER FACE IS FULL OF SAD SURPRISE EVERY TIME SHE HEARS HIM CRY C#m B(ON THE 7TH) WHAT DO YOU FEEL C#M B(ON THE 7TH) WHEN YOU'RE WITH ME C#M G#m F#M B I LOOK IN YOUR EYES AND SEE MYSELF C#m BUT THERE'S NO CONNECTION G# JUST HIS OWN REFLECTION C D E C ISN'T THIS THE WAY YOU WANTED ME (WHAT DO YOU MEAN?) E C IN LOVE WITH YOU (WHAT DO I FEEL?) E C DO ANYTHING (WHAT DO YOU MEAN?) E C FOR YOU Solo: (Also play this first line at the end of the song) E|-0-0-----0------------------------12-12-----0------------------------------- B|------12---12--13-13-12--12-13-12--------12---12-13-13-12----12-13-12------- E|-------10----10--------------------------10----10--------------------12-12-- B|-10-10----10----13-13-12--12-13-12-10-10----10----13-13-12--12-13-12-------- C#m G#m F#m B SHE LOOKED IN HIS EYES TO LOSE HERSELF (same as first verse) AND WHEN IT FALLS APART, SHE CRIES DOESNT THINK TO LOOK INSIDE SHE JUST COVERS UP HER EYES DOESN'T SEE HER OWN DISQUISE C#m AND THEN SHE FEELS THIS SORROW G# IT WILL FADE TOMORROW C D E SHE'LL PRETEND THAT THIS WAS REALLY LOVE (WHAT DO YOU MEAN) (E - C ALTERNATING) SHE'LL MAKE THEIR FALL (WHAT DID I FEEL) SEEM BEAUTIFUL (WHAT DO YOU MEAN) SHE WON'T REMEMBER THIS AT ALL (WHAT DO YOU MEAN) SHE WON'T RECALL eTC. THE TRUTH AT ALL SHE WANTS TO FALL AGAIN I HOPE SOMEONE CAN USE THIS, IT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS. CORRECTIONS AND ADDITIONS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME. I CAN POST OTHER LUSH SONGS THAT I KNOW, JUST REQUEST IT. GENE e-mail: --------------2AE1E3D5E81--

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Jamey Aebersold 66 - Billy Strayhorn : Lush Life

Jamey Aebersold 66 - Billy Strayhorn : Lush Life
Type : Partition
Edition Aebersold

22,70 €

tablature for love lush

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