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The Lovin Spoonful
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Format : Jug band music, The lovin spoonful
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Jug band music, The lovin spoonful

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## # Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:49:36 -0500 From: Andrew Rogers <rogers@hi.com> Subject: ./l/lovin_spoonful/jug_band_music.crd "Jug Band Music" (John Sebastian) Intro: bass [guitar enters 3rd bar]: v v v v v v v v -----5-3---2-----|-----5-3--------- ---2---------1-2-|---2------------- -3---------------|-3-----------0-2- -----------------|-----------3----- <---- 3X -----> Verse 1: C I was down in Savannah, eatin' cream and bananas G7 When the heat just made me faint (G7) I began to get cross-eyed, I thought I was lost, I'd C Begun to see things as they ain't (C) As the relatives gathered to see what's the matter D7 The doctor came to see was I dyin' C But the doctor said, "Give him jug band music G7 C It seems to make him feel just fine" Refrain 1: G7 I was told a little tale about a skinny-as-a-rail C Eight-foot cowboy with a headache G7 He was hung up in the desert swattin' rats and tryin' to get C A drink of water with his knees a-gettin' mud-caked (C) And I'll tell you in a sentence how he stumbled in to Memphis, F Tennessee, hardly crawlin', lookin' dust-baked (F) We gave him a little water, a little bit of wine C He opened up his eyes, but they didn't seem to shine (C) Then the doctor said, "Give him jug band music G7 C It seems to make him feel just fine" [repeat intro] Verse 2: So if you ever get sickly, get Sis to run quickly To the dusty closet shelf And pull out a washboard, and play a guitar chord And do a little do-it-yourself And call on your neighbors to put down their labors And come and play the hardware in time 'Cause the doctor said, "Give him jug band music It seems to make him feel just fine" Refrain 2: I was floatin' in the ocean greased with suntan lotion When I got wiped out by a beach boy He was surfin' when he hit me but jumped off his board to get me And he dragged me by the armpit like a child's toy As we staggered into land with all the waiters eatin' sandwiches He tried to mooch a towel from the hoi polloi He emptied out his eardrums, I emptied out mine And everybody knows that the very last line Is "the doctor said, 'Give him jug band music It seems to make him feel just fine'" Coda: [repeat bars 1 and 4 of intro] "yakety throw-up guitar" (6-string bass w/fuzz), last bar: v v v v ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ---0------------- ---------3---0--- C And the doctor said "give him jug band music G7 C It seems to make him feel just fine" (C) C7 v v v v ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- -----0---1------- ---3---3--------- (...fine) -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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tablature jug band music the lovin spoonful

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