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Format : No news, Lonestar
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No news, Lonestar

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: 6/9/96; 2:12:13 AM From: Darragh Egan <darragh@switchtech.net> Subject: 3 song submissions [Clint Black, Lonestar] LONESTAR -- NO NEWS --------------------- From the CD: Lonestar (BMG) NOTES: The verses follow a basic blues chord progression. Each letter represents one measure (4 beats) excepted in the chorus where G and D share a measure (2 beats each) as indicated by the hyphen. G G She said "It's just a woman thing" and pulled out of the drive. G G I advised her not to worry, I'm an understandin' guy. C C I've heard that when you love someone, you've gotta let em go. G G She hollered: "When I find myself you'll be the first to know." D D7 G D7 Ooo-ooo- hoo-oo, No news! I've learned to do the laundry, feed the cat, and clean the house. I promised to be patient while she worked her problems out. When she packed her bags, her destination wasn't clear; But I sensed that her intentions were honest and sincere. Ooo-ooo- hoo-oo, No news! G - D C She could telephone, tell a friend, tell a lie about where she's been. G - D C Send a pigeon, send a fax; Write it on a post-it pad. G - D C Send a signal up in smoke, tap it out in Morse Code. G - D C G G I prefer a bad excuse, to no news! Her mama's been a little vague as to her whereabouts. Her sister says "I'm certain your romance has headed south." I don't have a single doubt that she's still in love; My level of anxiety is just a product of... Ooo-ooo- hoo-oo, No news! G - D C She could telephone, tell a friend; tell a lie about where she's been. Send a pigeon, send a fax; write it on a post-it pad. Send a signal up in smoke; tap it out in Morse Code. G - D C I prefer a bad excuse... G - D C She missed her bus, missed her plane; surely this can be explained. Lost her car at the mall; got locked in a bathroom stall. Playing guitar with The Band; on the road with Pearl Jam. Buried with The Grateful Dead; came back as a Parrot Head. Got derailed, got de-iced; offered as a sacrifice. G - D C G - D C FBI, CIA; if they've seen her they ain't saying. G - D C G - D C G - D C No newwwwwwwwwwwws! Still no news! Oh-oh! G - D C [QUICK FADE OUT] Transcribed and submitted by Darragh Egan <darragh@switchtech.net>

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tablature no news lonestar

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