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Format : Four songs e p, Live
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Four songs e p, Live

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 00:56:33 -0700 (PDT) From: "J. Terrel" <> Subject: CRD: Four Songs by +Live+ | x + | | / /~~ + | | / ~~~ ~~~~~ ~ ~ ~~~ --->Four Songs EP<---- -------->1991<-------- (CRD transcriptions and sad ASCII art: Jeff Terrel - Entire EP is tuned down 1/2 step: 6(Eb) 5(Ab) 4(Db) 3(Gb) 2(Bb) 1(Eb) Operation Spirit ---------------- Em (D) Heard a lot of talk about the ocean Em (D) Heard a lot of talk about the sea Em (D) Heard a lot of talk about a lot of things Em (D) Never meant that much to me Em (D) Heard a lot of talk about my spirit Em (D) Heard a lot of talk about my soul Em But I decided that anxiety and pain (D) Em Were better friends D So I let it go Em G D Did you let it go? (3x) A Let's get it back C D Em Let's get it back together Heard a lot of talk about this Jesus A man of love, a man of strength But what a man was two thousand years ago Means nothing at all to me today He could have been telling me about my higher self But he only lives inside my prayer So what he was may have been beautiful But the pain is right now and right here Let it go... Good Pain --------- G|-----0-------0---0-----0-------0---0-| D|---2---2---2---------4---4---2-------| A|-0-------3-----3---5-------3-----3---| E|-------------------------------------| He said, he said, he said There was nothing to fear boy He said, he said, he said Worthless are your tears boy Just realize your senses And realize your earth Just realize your essence first Am G Am I'll never be the same again Am G Am I want to walk in the sun Am G Am I am alive and well again F No more bitterweet G No more good pain No more Am C D C So many of us stand in the middle Am C Looking back to the worst D C Looking forward to the fall Am C D C Making weapons of peace for the defense Am C D C Of the bloodstains on our peaceful sidewalks You say the buildings are too tall They're going to fry your brother Well I say you'd better walk away And find your mother F No more bitterweet No more good pain If I can't sing this song And tell you all about it Then I'll just pack it up right now and walk away Don't even doubt it So when our sherry glass is full And the day is way too young You'd better sip today before it's gone No more bitterweet No more good pain Am No more good pain G No more good pain D No more good pain good pain Heaven Wore a Shirt ------------------- intro Am C Am Asus4 Am (or something like that) Am C Suddenly she came Like a come that comes and goes With a sweetness in her eyes And a ring between her nose Walking down the beach We saw a castle made of pain We went inside, rings were exchanged Heaven wore a shirt That said F7add9 I really, really, really love you I really, really, really love you Suddenly it came Into my mind, not preconceived A dream of many oceans But not the god that i believe But like a come that came and went My mind just had to intercede The need for repetition arose Now heaven wore a shirt That says I really, really, really got to have you I really, really, really got to have you Bridge e|---------------------| B|---------------------| G|---------------------| D|-------2-0-------0---| A|-0-0-3-----0-0-3---0-| E|---------------------| slide F7add9 Outro ]: F7add9 E Ab A :[ Negation -------- e|----------------| B|----------------| G|----------------| D|----------------| A|-----------5----| E|-0-0-0~3~5---5--| Never used to be so tired Never used to be so anxious Never said "used to be" so much If this is love then I Have been so poorly mistaken If this is peace then I Have been so falsely awakened E Please don't tell me what love is Let's look together And find out what love is not I've been to every book I've been to every seer In order to find the truth As if it lives somewhere I want to uproot my violence I want to live like a saint I want to give up everything Just like a businessman wants to gain Just like a businessman wants to gain bridge-of-sorts ]: D E :[ then repeat E ___________________________________________________________________________ _| |_______________________________________ _| \_/~~O |~>| / /|~~|<~|_| |________________jjt@ecst.csuchico.edu__ _| / \___/ |_>|_/ // |~ |_>| | |__________________________Jeff Terrel__ _|_________________________________|_______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ________"If I don't know who to love, I love them all..." +Live+__________ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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tablature four songs e p live

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