Tablature brothers unware

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Format : Brothers unware, Live
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Difficulté : 5/10
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Brothers unware, Live

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO) This is as close as I could work this song out, I think I did ok. BROTHERS UNAWARE by +Live+ from the album 'Mental Jewelry' I hope I spelt that right. intro and verses: C#m B C#m B E------------------------------------------------------------ B-------5-------5-4---------------------5--------5-4--------- G-------6-------6-4---------------------6--------6-4--------- D-------6-------6-4---------------------6--------6-4----etc-- A----4------------2----------2-2---3-4-------------2--------- E--4------------------------2-------------------------------- * * * * play the strums indicated with a * stacato So many people I know only a few Yes I may say that I love this man and that man But what keeps me from loving you? Date of birth, geography The color of my skin, ideology You got ten fingers, two legs, one nose Like me, just like me A G#m And its as simple as that, you see C#m B And if I dont know who to love, I love them all C#m B And if I dont know who to trust, I trust them all C#m B G#m A B And if I dont know who to kill, I may kill myself instead From the mouth of a baby Will come the world saving words That will save us all From the lungs of a child Will come the everlasting breath of God Increasing peace and honesty And not carrying on inspite of me Dont you know This aint about no race, no creed And its as simple as that, you see And if I dont know who to love, I love them all And if I dont know who to trust, I trust them all And if I dont know who to kill, no suicide, Im already dead As simple as that, blah blah, ad lib.... so there you go, the verses are all C#m B with the bass line varying a little, the bass I gave in the tab was just an example that pops up often enough. seeyas eric

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Live 2003 (partition)

Live 2003 (Partition)
Type : Partition
Edition Amscowyse

29,50 €

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tablature brothers unware live

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