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Leonard Cohen
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Format : Take this longing, Leonard cohen
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Take this longing, Leonard cohen

From: (Carter Page) [ Article crossposted from ] [ Author was Adi Heindl t4010 ] There are not many tabs out for Leonard Cohen songs, execpt from his two albums Songs of L.C. and Songs from a room. So i'm interested in the way other people play his songs on the guitar. Perhaps You are also interested and we can put our information together to work out some new tabs. Here is a first proposal of "Take This Longing". The chords are from his anthology songbook. Feel free to critize the lines and tell what can be done better. Is this group the right place for such stuff or should i better stay at home? Thank You very much for reading these lines and for any answer. Leonard Cohen: Take This Longing 6/8 on New Skin for the old Ceremony and Greatest Hits/Best of C 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + ... e:-------0-----0--------------0-----0----|-------0-----0-------------| B:----1-----1-----1--------1-----1-----1-|----1-----1-----1-----1--1-| G:-------0-----0--------------0-----0----|-------0-----0-------------| D:---------------------------------------|---------------------------| A:-3--------------------3----------------|-3-----------------3-------| E:---------------------------------------|---------------------------| Bb F e:||------------------------------------|------------------------------------| B:||-3-----------------------------3----|-1----------------------------------| G:||-------3-----3-----------3-----3----|-------2-----2-----------2-----2----| D:||----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-|----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-| A:||-1-----------------1----------------|------------------------------------| E:||------------------------------------|-1-----------------1----------------| 1. Many men have loved the bells you 2. Your body like a search- light my 3. You're hungry as an arch- way through 4. You're faithful to the better man I'm af- ***************************************************************************** Bb F e:------------------------------------|-------------------------------------| B:-3-----------------------------3----|-1------------------------------1----| G:-------3-----3-----------3-----3----|-------2-----2------------2----------| D:----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-|----3-----3-----3------3-----3-----3-| A:-1-----------------1----------------|-------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------|-1------------------1----------------| fastened to the reign pover- ty re- vealed which the troops have passed raid that he left ***************************************************************************** Dm Gm e:-------------------------1----1-----|------------------------------------| B:-------3-----3--------3-----3-----3-|-------------------------3-----3----| G:----2-----2-----2-------------------|-------3-----5--------3-----3-----3-| D:-0-----------------0----------------|----5-----5-----5-------------------| A:------------------------------------|------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------|-3-----------------3----------------| And ev'ry-one who wanted you they I would like to try your charity un- I stand in ruins be- hind you with your winter So let me judge your love affair In this very ***************************************************************************** Dm C(1 2 3) Dm(4 5 6) e:----------1-----------------1-------|------------1------| B:-------3-----3-----------3-----3----|-1----------3------| G:----2-----------2-----2-----------2-|-0----------2------| D:-0-----------------0----------------|-2----------0------| A:------------------------------------|-3-----------------| E:------------------------------------|-------------------| found what they will al-ways want a- til you cry now you must try my clothes and your broken sandal room where I have sentenced mine to ***************************************************************************** C 1 2 3 + 4 5 6 Em/appreggio e:----------------------|-/0-------------------------------| B:-1--------------------|-

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The Essential Leonard Cohen

The Essential Leonard Cohen
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