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The Lemonheads
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Format : Come on feel album, The lemonheads
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Come on feel album, The lemonheads

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: u8915431@qub.ac.uk (Tony Bowden) i make to claims to any of these - i just compiled it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lemonheads - Come on Feel The Lemonheads ********* * Songs * ********* The Great Big NO Into Your Arms It's About Time Down About It [missing] Paid To Smile [missing] Big Gay Heart [missing] Style Rest Assured [missing] Dawn Can't Decide [missing] I'll Do It Anyway [missing] Rick James Style Being Around Favorite T [missing] You Can Take It With You [missing] ------------------------------------------------------------------- {t:The Great Big No} {ci: Capo III} Lover dont t[C/G]urn your head, [D] just let me w[G]alk away [Gmaj7] Thought I might h[C/G]ave to say you're as[D]king the wrong [Am]guy She wonders [Em]how, Thinks she knows [C/G]now [D] She'll be r[C/G]ight [D] they always[C/G] go [D] by the b[C]y The great big[Cdim5] no the great big [C]no (x2) {ci:Break: C/G D G Gmaj7 C/G D G} Is nothing OK with you, is nothing OK with me? Is anything happening to have to got sea? He wonders why, the indigo guy... He'll be right they always go by the by The great big no, the great big no (x2) [Am]Everyo[Em]ne knows ev[C/G]erything Every[Am]one [Em] knows e[C/G]verything Nobody's[Am] g[Em]ot no one to [C/G]go to The great big [C/G]no (x4) {c:Continue for last bit: "Lover dont turn your head etc..." } Am Em C/G {sot} Cdim5 - x34010 {eot} {ns} {t:Into Your Arms} {define D6 base-fret 1 frets x x 0 0 3 2} {ci:Repeat playing D and D6} [D]I know a place where I can [G]go when I'm a[Em]lone i[G]nto your a[Em]rms whoa i[G]nto your a[Em]rms I can g[D]o [D6] I know a place that's safe and w[G]arm from the c[Em]rowd i[G]nto your a[Em]rms whoa i[G]nto your a[Em]rms I can g[D]o [D6] [A]and if [G]I should [D]fall[D6] [A]I know [G]I won't [Em]be [A]alone [Asus4]be alone any[D]more [D6] {ns} {t:It's About Time} {sot} Dmaj7 GaddD E--2-----5---2--------3- B--2-----2---2--------3- G--2-----2---2--------0- . . . . . . D--0-----0---0--------0- A---------------------2- E---------------------3- ^ v v ^ v ^ ( ^ = Downstroke, v = Upstroke) {eot} [Dmaj7]Bite my [G]tongue [Dmaj7]and I won't say a word a[G]gainst anyone but I [F#m]don't wanna get my f[Bm]ingers wet un[G]less it's an acci[Em]dent fell out on the street now I'm watching my shoes and I grit my teeth but I don't have to look that way if I had half a say [D/F#]It's about [G]time [D/F#]It's about [G]time [D/F#]lick my [G]lips [D/F#]and I won't hear the end of [G]this On your knees a reassurance buy some time and come back for it before long before it's gone patience is like bread I say I ran out of that yesterday it's about time it's about time [G]enough about us let's talk about me if not about you It's n[A]ot about sunshine It's about time It's about time touch my leg It's smooth but there stubble there I'll fall back and let'em go only when I know you know I don't know make me sure Have your people contact mine and keep your lawyer on the line it's about time (x4) {ns} {t:Down about it} {sot} Intro: D | E(high) | B | A | G | F# | E | A Verse: D | E(high) | B | A | G | F# | E | E D | E(high) | B | A | G | F# | E | A Refrain: G | A (a couple of times) In the last refrain there is a bridge which goes E | A | E | A A:00220x C:00553x D:00775x E:000220 F#:000442 G:000553 A:000775 B:00442x E(high):00997x G(high):0 0 12 12 10 {eot} {ns} {t:Style } {sot} Verse: Play the E until you get sick and then the C for a change. Refrain: C | D | E(high) | C | D | E(high) G(high) Play this over and over again. {eot} {ns} {t:Being Around} [G]If I was in the fridge [C]Would you open the door? [G]If I was the grass [D]Would you mow your lawn? [G]If I was your body [C]Would you still wear clothes? [G]If I was a buger [D]Would you blow your nose? [C]Where would you keep it? [D]Would'ja eat it? I'm just [C]trying to give my[D]self a [Em]reason [C] for [D]being a[G]round. If I was a front porch swing Would you let me hang? If I was a dance floor Would you shake-your-thang? If I was a rubber check Would you let me bounce Up and down inside your bank account? Would you trust me Not to break you? I'm just trying really hard to make you notice me being around. If I was a haircut Would you wear a hat? If I was a maid Could I clean your flat? If I was a carpet Would you wipe your feet? In time to save me from mud off the street? If you like me, If you love me, Would you get down on your knees and scrub me? I'm a a little grubby From being around

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tablature come on feel album the lemonheads

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