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Led Zeppelin
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Format : Houses of the holy, Led zeppelin
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Houses of the holy, Led zeppelin

Houses Of The Holy Words and Music by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant From the Recording Physical Graffitti First I'll tab the different guitar parts and then the words notation h = hammer on p = pull-off b = bend Intro Repeat these first 2 bars twice e--------------------------------------------------------------------------- e-----------------------|--------------2--2--------------------------------- B-----------------------|--------------2--2--------------------------------- G-------------2--2------|--------2--2--2--2--------------------------------- D----2--2-----2--2----2-|--2-----2--2--2--2--------------------------------- A----3--4--0--0--0----3-|--4--0--0--0--------------------------------------- E-----------------------|--------------------------------------------------- e-----------------------|--------------2--2-2-|-2--------------------------- B-----------------------|--------------2--2-2-|-2--------------------------- G-------------2--2------|--------2--2--2--2-2-|-2-------2-2----------------- D----2--2-----2--2----2-|--2-----2--2--2--2-2-|-2-2-----2-2--2-------------- A----3--4--0--0--0----3-|--4--0--0--0---------|---3-4-0-0-0--3-------------- E-----------------------|---------------------|----------------------------- This chord rings into the next bar for the start of the verse e-------------2--2---------------------------------------------------------- B-------------2--0---------------------------------------------------------- G-------2-2---2--1---------------------------------------------------------- D--2----2-2---2--2---------------------------------------------------------- A--4--0-0-0----------------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note that the chords on the verses sustain a little, but notation wasn't easy so listen to the record to get the timing and feel. Verses D G D A E e----------2--|--2--3--2--0-|----------------------------------------------- B----------3--|--3--3--3--2-|-0-0------------------------------------------- G----------2--|--2--4--2--2-|-1-1------------------------------------------- D-------2--0--|--0--0--0--2-|-2-2------------------------------------------- A---2h4-------|-------------|----------------------------------------------- E-------------|-------------|----------------------------------------------- The above is repeated for the verses 4 times. But the last time no E is played, instead Jimmy goes back into the intro parts. Othertimes in the song he plays the E four times before going back to the intro. Listen to the recording to get these changes, it is quite clear. Note during the song similar riffs to the intro. The little riff fill goes something like this. Note that Jimmy plays variations on the fill. bend from b to c# and then back to b e---------------|------------------------------|---------------------------- B--------2-2----|-----2------------------------|---------------------------- G--------2-2----|-----2--4b-6b-4-2-4p2-4p2-----|---------------------------- D--2-----2-2--2-|-2---2--------------------4p2-|---------------------------- A--3-4-0------3-|-4-0--------------------------|-0-------------------------- E---------------|------------------------------|---------------------------- riff fill variation something like this e---------------|--------------2------------------------------------------- B--------2-2----|-----2----------5p2--------------------------------------- G--------2-2----|-----2--4b-6b-------4p2---4p2---2------------------------- D--2-----2-2--2-|-2---2------------------4-----4--------------------------- A--3-4-0------3-|-4-0------------------------------------------------------ E---------------|---------------------------------------------------------- Words : Let me take you to the movies, can I take you to the show? Let me be yours ever truly, can I make your garden grow? >From the houses of the holy, we can watch the white doves go. >From the door comes Satans daughter, and it only goes to show. and you know. There's an angel on my shoulder, in my hand a sword of gold. Let me wander in your garden, and the seeds of love I'll sow. You know. So the world is spinning faster, are you dizzy when you stall Let the music be your master will you heed the master's call Ohhh Said there aint no use in crying, cause it will only, only drive you mad Does it hurt to hear them lying? Was this the only world you had? So let me take you take you to the movies, can I take you baby to the show Why don't you let me be yours ever truly, Can I make your garden grow?

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Houses of the holy

Album : Physical Graffiti

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Led Zeppelin: Classics (Authentic Guitar-Tab) (Partition)
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tablature Houses of the holy led zeppelin

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