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Led Zeppelin
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Format : Carouselambra, Led zeppelin
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Carouselambra, Led zeppelin

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #-----------------------------------------------------------------------------# Led Zeppelin - Carouselambra From the CD 'In Through the Out Door' Written by Jones/Page/Plant Swan Song 16002 and/or Atlantic 92443-2 This file is mostly chords. The song is in C, the part I tabbed out is in D, and the end is in G. Most of it is synth and/or keyboard, so I have that here too. You can figure out which is keys and which is guitar. Enjoy. Jimmy Pena - jimmy@walrus.com Progression: G A A G A A G A A G A A B C# Repeat this 8 times: [x00231] [x02220] Dm/A A With verse: [x33211] [x30210] F/C C Sisters by the wayside bide their time in quiet peace, await their place within the ring of calm. Dm/A A Still stand to turn in seconds of release, await the call they know may never come. F/C C In times of lightness no intruder dared upon to jeopardize the course, upset the run. Dm/A A All was joy and hands were raised towards the sun, as love in halls of plenty overrun. [xx0233] [xx0232] Dsus4 D Ah, ah, ah, ah. Then 4 times in the same pattern: [113331] [133211] Bb/F F 4 times: Dm/A A F/C C Still in their bliss unchallenged mighty feast, unending dances shadowed on the day. Dm/A A Within the wall their dauting formless keep, preserved their joy and kept their doubts at bay. F/C C Faceless legions stood in readiness to weep, just turn a coin, bring order to the fray. Dm/A A And everything is soon no sooner thought than deed, but no-one seemed to question anyway. Dsus4 D Ah, ah, ah, ah. 4 times: Bb/F F Then the keyboard does a little roll which kinda goes like this: |: A~ F G :| [Play it four times] F/C C How keen the soaring hunter's eye prevails upon the land, to seek the unsuspecting and the weak. Dm/A A And powerless the fabled sat, too slow to lift a hand, toward the foe that threatened them from the deep. F/C C Who cares to dry the cheeks of those who saddened stand, adrift upon the sea of futile speech? Dm/A A Wha?? Dsus4 D Ah, ah, ah, ah. 4 times: Bb/F F Then the keyboard does that little roll again: |: A~ F G :| [Play it four times] The keyboard does another thing but I'll list the chords here: |: F G Em :| [Play it three times] |: A~ F G :| [two times] |: F G Em :| [Play it three times] |: A~ F G :| [two times] |: F G Em :| [Play it three times] [This is in D]: [Riff 1] - play it once initially Em D A G C D e:--7------5~-----5------5~------3------0------0------2~-------------| B:----8------7------7------5-------3------1------1----3~-------------| G:------9------7~-----7------6~------4------0---------2~-------------| D:----------------------------------------------------0~-------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------| e:--7------5~-----5------5~------3------0------0---------------------| B:----8------7------7------5-------3------1------1-------------------| G:------9------7~-----7------6~------4------0------------------------| D:-------------------------------------------------------------------| A:-------------------------------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------| [Back to the key of C]: [Riff 2]: A Cmaj7 e:--0~---------------0~----------------------------------------------| B:--2~---------------0~----------------------------------------------| G:--2~---------------0~----------------------------------------------| D:--2~---------4-----2~----------------------------------------------| A:--0~-------0---0---3~----------------------------------------------| E:-------------------------------------------------------------------| [Riff 2] x2 [Riff 2] with lyrics: Where was your word, where did you go? Where was your helping, where was your bow? Bow. [Riff 1] x1 [Riff 2] w/ lyrics: Dull is the armour, cold is the day. Hard was your journey, dark was the way. Way. [Riff 1] x1 [Riff 2] w/ lyrics: I heard the word, I couldn't stay, oh. I couldn't stand it another day. Another day, ay, another day, Another day. Keyboard bangs out an A chord, then it plays a G for four measures [final key switch to G], then A again for four measures. Play G: Touched by the timely coming, roused from the keeper's sleep, Play A: release the grip, throw down the key. Play D: Held now within the knowing, rest now within the peace, Play A: Take of the fruit, but guard the seed. Play D for four measures, then: [x04442] |: A A B/A~ :| [Play this four times] Play G for four measures, then A for four measures. Play G: Held now within the knowing, rest now within the beat, take of the fruit but guard the seed. Play D for four measures, then: Play A: Take of the fruit but guard the seed. Play D for four measures, then: |: A A B/A~ :| [Play this three times] Repeat until fadeout: [x05553] |: A A B/A~ C/A B/A :|

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