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Christine Lavin
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Format : Ten o clock in toronto, Christine lavin
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Ten o clock in toronto, Christine lavin

From Thu Apr 6 13:17:32 PDT 1995 Article: 15123 of Path:!!psgrain!!!not-for-mail From: (Adam Schneider) Newsgroups:,, Subject: CRD: "Ten O'Clock in Toronto" (Christine Lavin) Date: 5 Apr 1995 15:25:48 -0500 Organization: UTexas Mail-to-News Gateway Lines: 100 Sender: Message-ID: <v01510100aba8b996aa67@[]> NNTP-Posting-Host: Xref: TEN O' CLOCK IN TORONTO (Christine Lavin) ----------------------------------------- [Actually in C#; capo 6.] [The parts that say "G(9) G(9) G G" are often a complicated mix of G(9), G, and G6. Same deal for "Em(9) Em(9) Em7 Em7". See the end of the file for details.] G(9) G(9) G G Em(9) Em(9) Em7 Em7 [intro] G(9) G(9) G G Em(9) Em(9) Em7 Em7 [intro] G(9) G(9) G G It's ten o'clock in Toronto, I check into a room on the twenty-first floor Em(9) Em(9) Em7 Em7 I'm traveling on cruise control, turn on the TV and lock the door G(9) G(9) G G I hear a news reporter; she says, will you look into the sky Em(9) Em(9) Em7 Em7 Tonight we're in the midst of a lunar eclipse; mmmm, what a heavenly sight C C C C I pull back the curtains, and there above the building across the street D D D D I spy the man in the moon playing hide and seek G(9) G(9) G G [instrumental] Em(9) Em(9) Em7 Em7 [instrumental] I try to keep my eyes fixed on that elusive moon But I'm distracted; across the way, I can see into some rooms There's a young woman sitting at a desk, so busy writing Now a man sits next to her, looks like they're fighting She buries her head in her hands, and silently she cries He gets up, paces, pounds the wall, shakes his fist up to the sky [instrumental] (To the moon, Alice) Two rooms down, I can see Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly No, it's just a Hitchcock film; a wide-screen color TV Over in the corner, there's an old man playing with a black cat If he saw me spying like this, what would he think of that Would he think that I am a voyeur, or just another lonely one An interloper taking notes of heartache on the run [instrumental] Oh, oh, oooooh Ba da dee deeee Ba da dee dee deeee deeee deee-eeee Now the moon is bathed in darkness, that woman is bathed in tears Grace Kelly bathed in the limelight for so many years I'm bathed in the darkness behind this window pane Watching light and love and life wax and wane Now the old man and the black cat are dozing in an easy chair Are visions dancing in their heads of moonbeams in the air [instrumental] Oh, oh, oooooh Ba da dee deeee Ba da dee dee deeee deeee deee-eeee It's ten o'clock in Toronto (ten o'clock in Toronto) Ten o'clock in Toronto (ten o'clock in Toronto) Ten o'clock in Toronto (ten o'clock in Toronto) Ten o'clock in Toronto (ten o'clock in Toronto) [repeat instrumental part and fade] CHORDS: In the intro and ending, she plays the G & Em parts something like this: (d=strum down, u=strum up, p=pick just the lowest 1 or 2 strings; capital letters are accented.) |G(9) | G G6 G |G(9) | G G6 G | |P D u D u d U |d U d U d U d u |P D u D u d U |d U d U d U d u | |^ ^ ^ ^ |^ ^ ^ ^ |^ ^ ^ ^ |^ ^ ^ ^ | |Em(9) Em7 Em Em7 |Em9 Em7 Em Em7 | |P D d u d U | u d U u D u |p u D U u d U | u d U u D u | |^ ^ ^ ^ |^ ^ ^ ^ |^ ^ ^ ^ |^ ^ ^ ^ | G(9)=320203; G=320003; G6=322003; Em(9)=024000; Em7=020000; Em=022000 In the instrumental parts at the end of each verse, and to some extent within the verses, she plays the G chords with a sharper 2/2 feel (one TWO three FOUR); the Em's get a little sharper, but not as much as the G's. And note that the subtle chord changes aren't as pronounced in the parts that have words. ==-=--=---=----=-----=-------=---------=---------=-------=-----=----=---=--=-== Adam Schneider Minneapolis, MN If you want guitar chords for Mary Chapin Carpenter, Indigo Girls, Mary Karlzen, Lucinda Williams, etc., go to my World Wide Web page: ==-=--=---=----=-----=-------=---------=---------=-------=-----=----=---=--=-==

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tablature ten o clock in toronto christine lavin

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