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Joni Mitchell
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Format : Sex kills, Joni mitchell
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Sex kills, Joni mitchell

From Tue Feb 28 12:05:49 PST 1995 Article: 34507 of Newsgroups:, Path:!!!!!uunet!!pipex!!warwick!!cf-cm!!spxhaw From: (Howard Wright (Hman)) Subject: *** TAB : Sex Kills - Joni Mitchell *** Message-ID: <> Sender: (Howard Wright (Hman)) Organization: University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, UK Date: Tue, 28 Feb 1995 10:40:31 GMT X-Mailer: Cardiff Computing Maths PP Mail Open News Gateway Lines: 163 Xref: SEX KILLS - Joni Mitchell --------------------------------------- From the album Turbulent Indigo tabbed by Howard Wright This is quite an easy one in some senses - only a few shapes to learn - but I find it bloody hard to play those shapes !!! If you've got slim fingers you'll be fine, if you havn't and you have trouble fretting the 4 middle strings on the same fret while leaving top and bottom strings open, then you'll have to work on it a bit..... This is tabbed from memory - I havn't actually heard the new album yet !!! - but Joni did two songs from it on TV a while ago and I videoed them and this was one of them. I'm pretty hazy on the words - if someone wants to send them to me, I'll put together a complete TAB with all the words too. As it is, I've put in words where I can remember them and left gaps elsewhere. It's a while since I played the video, so I don't think there are any extra middle eights that I left out - but if I have missed out a section then let me know ! The tuning for this is ( low to high ) : D A C F G C As usual, I'll just TAB out the shapes. The strumming style for most of it has the bass note played first, then the other strings are strummed a bit, though certain notes are picked out >from these - especially the notes from the top two strings. You'll have to check with the record to get it spot on, but it might look something like this for the intro : Intro : ------- C----------------0----------------0---0------------------ G-------------9--9------------9---9---9-------------------- F-------------9--9------------9---9---9--------------------- C----------9--9--9--------9---9-------9--------------------- A-------9--9-----------9--9---9-------9--------------------- D--0----0--------------0--------------------------------- C----------------0----------------0---0------------------ G-------------7--7------------7---7---7-------------------- F-------------7--7------------7---7---7--------------------- C----------7--7--7--------7---7-------7--------------------- A-------7--7-----------7--7---7-------7--------------------- D--0----0--------------0--------------------------------- For the Intro these two shapes are repeated a couple of times >From now on I'll just give the shapes .... Verse : ------- C------0----------------------------------------------- G------12----------------------------------------------- F------12----------------------------------------------- C------12----------------------------------------------- A------12----------------------------------------------- D------0----------------------------------------------- .............................................. C----0------------------------------------------------- G----7------------------------------------------------- F----7------------------------------------------------- C----7------------------------------------------------- A----7------------------------------------------------- D----0------------------------------------------------- Take a look at his license plate - it said justice C----0------------------------------------------------- G----12------------------------------------------------- F----12------------------------------------------------- C----12------------------------------------------------- A----12------------------------------------------------- D----0------------------------------------------------- Is justice just ice ? Driven by greed and lust ... C----0------------------------------------------------- G----7------------------------------------------------- F----7------------------------------------------------- C----7------------------------------------------------- A----7------------------------------------------------- D----0------------------------------------------------- ................................................. C-----5---------------------7--------------------------- G-----5---------------------7--------------------------- F-----5---------------------7--------------------------- C-----5---------------------7--------------------------- A-----5---------------------7--------------------------- D-----5---------------------7--------------------------- ...................... and the oil spills C------5---------------7-------------0------------------- G------5---------------7-------------9------------------- F------5---------------7-------------9------------------- C------5---------------7-------------9------------------- A------5---------------7-------------9------------------- D------5---------------7-------------0------------------- and sex sells everything and sex kills C----0----------0-------------0-------------------------- G----7----------9-------------7-------------------------- F----7----------9-------------7-------------------------- C----7----------9-------------7-------------------------- A----7----------9-------------7-------------------------- D----0----------0-------------0-------------------------- Then back to the start of another verse. Howard

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sex kills

Album : Beginning of Survival

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The Very Best Of Joni Mitchell
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tablature sex kills joni mitchell

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