Tablature furry sings the blues

Joni Mitchell
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Format : Furry sings the blues, Joni mitchell
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Furry sings the blues, Joni mitchell

From Tue Feb 7 11:46:07 PST 1995 Article: 12289 of Newsgroups: Path:!!!!agate!!swrinde!pipex!uknet!cf-cm!!spxhaw From: (Howard Wright (Hman)) Subject: *** Furry Sings The Blues TAB - Joni Mitchell *** Message-ID: <> Sender: (Howard Wright (Hman)) Organization: University of Wales College of Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, UK Date: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 10:27:10 GMT X-Mailer: Cardiff Computing Maths PP Mail Open News Gateway Lines: 118 Furry Sings The Blues - Joni Mitchell ---------------------------------------------- from the album 'Hejira' tabbed by Howard Wright You only need to know about 7 or 8 shapes to play this, so I'll start of by giving the shapes, then I'll write the chord names above the words so you know where the changes come. Tuning (low to high) : C G D F Bb D (For the shapes below I'll write 'B' for Bb, for obvious reasons...) CGDFBD CGDFBD CGDFBD CGDFBD CGDFBD 33xxxx 55xxxx 777000 0x7777 002220 Eb5 F5 Gm9 F/C Cadd2 CGDFBD CGDFBD 002020 333000 Cadd2add4 Bb/Eb Intro : -------- Eb5 F5 Gm9 Eb5 F5 F/C Cadd2 Cadd2add4 Cadd2 Cadd2add4 Verse : -------- F/C Cadd2 Cadd2add4 Old Beale street is coming down Bb/Eb Sweetie's snack bar boarded up know Gm9 And there goes the tailor, and the shine boy's gone Gm9 Faded out with rag time blues F/C Cadd2 Handy's cast in bronze Cadd2add4 Bb/Eb And he's standing in a little park Gm9 with his trumpet in his hand like he's listening back to the good old days, and the kick of high-heeled shoes Cadd2 Furry sings the blues Bb/Eb Laughing, smoking, drinking he'll play for you Gm9 It's mostly muttering now, and side show spiel Gm9 F/C Cadd2 But there was one song he played I could really feel Link to next verse : -------------------- Eb5 F5 Gm9 Eb5 F5 Then on to verse 2 Structure is the same all the way through. Song ends with repeated pattern of Cadd2 and Cadd2add4 Enjoy ! Howard

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furry sings the blues

Album : Dreamland

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The Very Best Of Joni Mitchell
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tablature furry sings the blues joni mitchell

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