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Format : Free man in paris, Joni mitchell
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Free man in paris, Joni mitchell

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: (Julie P Wilks) These are the (easy) chords for Free Man in Paris (Joni's version anyway). Free Man in Paris ================= Words and Music by Joni Mitchell A D The way I see it he said, you just can't win it, C G Everybody's in it for their own gain; you can't please 'em all, F A There's always somebody putting you down, D I do my best and I do good business, C There's a lot of people asking for my time, G They're tryin' to get ahead; F A they're tryin' to be a good friend of mine, Chorus F I was a free man in Paris, G I felt unfettered and alive, C Asus4 There was nobody callin' me up for favours A and no-ones future to decide, F You know I'd go back there tomorrow G C but for the work I've taken on, Asus4 D A stokin' the star maker machinary behind the popular songs. Instrumental bit ... (mix it about a bit!) Em9 A Em9 A Em9 A C D F C D G A C D F C D G A Verse 2: A D I deal in dreamers and telephone screamers, C G Lately I wonder what I do it for; if I had my way, F A I'd just walk through those doors, and wan-der, D down the Champs Elysees; C going cafe to cabaret, thinking G how I'd feel when I find, F A that very good friend of mine Chorus: End instrumental bit ... A C D F C D G A From: (Howard Wright (Hman)) Free Man in Paris - Joni Mitchell ---------------------------------------- tabbed by Howard Wright Tuning : open D From low to high that is - D A D F# A D So you can leave your A and D strings - all the others go down either a semitone or a tone. NOTE: For the verse and chorus I'll just put down the chord shapes once each time the chord changes. Check out the record for details on strumming Intro ----- D----5---7---10---10-10-10-10------10--0----5--0----7---7-7-7-7-- A----7---9---12---12-12-12-12------10--0----5--0----7---7-7-7-7-- F#---6---8---11---11-11-11-11------10--0----5--0----7---7-7-7-7-- D----5---7---10---10-10-10-10------10--0----5--0----7---7-7-7-7-- A----------------------------------10--0----5--0----7---7-7-7-7-- D----------------------------------10--0----5--0----7---7-7-7-7-- D---5---7---10---10-10-10-10-----10--0----5--0----7---7-7---7-7---7-7-- A---7---9---12---12-12-12-12-----10--0----5--0----7---7-7---7-7---7-7- F#--6---8---11---11-11-11-11-----10--0----5--0----7---7-7---7-7---7-7--- D---5---7---10---10-10-10-10-----10--0----5--0----7---7-7---7-7---7-7- A--------------------------------10--0----5--0----7---7-7---7-7---7-7-- D--------------------------------10--0----5--0----7---7-7---7-7---7-7-- Carry on strumming that chord at the seventh fret for a few bars..... Verse 1 ------- D----------7--------------------------------7------------------- A----------7--------------------------------7------------------- F#---------7--------------------------------8-------------------- D----------7--------------------------------7------------------- A----------7--------------------------------9------------------- D----------7--------------------------------7------------------- 'The way I see it' he said 'you just can't win it, everybody's D----5----------------------------------------------5----------- A----5----------------------------------------------5----------- F#---6----------------------------------------------5------------ D----5----------------------------------------------5----------- A----7----------------------------------------------5----------- D----5----------------------------------------------5----------- in it for their own gain you can't please them all there's always D----5-----------------------7-----------------------------7----- A----5-----------------------7-----------------------------7----- F#---6-----------------------7-----------------------------8------ D----5-----------------------7-----------------------------7----- A----7-----------------------7-----------------------------9----- D----5-----------------------7-----------------------------7----- somebody shooting you down. I do my best and I do good business D---------------------------5-------------------------------5--- A---------------------------5-------------------------------5--- F#--------------------------6-------------------------------5---- D---------------------------5-------------------------------5--- A---------------------------7-------------------------------5--- D---------------------------5-------------------------------5--- there's a lot of people asking for my time trying to get ahead D-------------10-----------------7--------7--7--7--7----------------- A-------------12-----------------7--------7--7--7--7----------------- F#------------11-----------------7--------8--7--8--7------------------ D-------------10-----------------7--------7--7--7--7----------------- A--------------------------------7--------9--7--9--7--------------- D--------------------------------7--------7--7--7--7--------------- trying to be a good friend of mine Chorus ------ D--------3-------------------------5-----------------5----------- A--------3-------------------------5-----------------5----------- F#-------3-------------------------5-----------------6------------ D--------3-------------------------5-----------------5----------- A--------3-------------------------5-----------------7----------- D--------3-------------------------5-----------------5----------- I was a free man in paris I felt unfettered and alive there was D---------7------------------7-------------------5------------7-- A---------7------------------7-------------------5------------7-- F#--------7------------------8-------------------5------------7--- D---------7------------------7-------------------5------------7-- A---------7------------------9-------------------0------------7-- D---------7------------------7--------------------------------7-- nobody calling me up for favours and noone's future to decide D-------------3----------------------------------5--------------5-- A-------------3----------------------------------5--------------5-- F#------------3----------------------------------5--------------6-- D-------------3----------------------------------5--------------5-- A-------------3----------------------------------5--------------7-- D-------------3----------------------------------5--------------5-- you know I'd go back there tomorrow but for the work I've taken on D---------------7-------------7-----------------5-----------7--- A---------------7-------------7-----------------5-----------7--- F#--------------7-------------8-----------------5-----------7---- D---------------7-------------7-----------------5-----------7----- A---------------7-------------9-----------------0-----------7----- D---------------7-------------7-----------------------------7---- stoking the star-maker machinery behind the popular song D--------4-------4---------7-----7-7--7-7------ A--------5-------5---------7-----7-7--7-7------ F#---5---5---5---5---5-----7-----8p7--8p7------ D----5---5---5---5---5-----7-----7-7--7-7------ A----0---0---0---0---0-----7-----9p7--9p7------ D--------------------------7-----7-7--7-7------ Repeat this last line once (p=pull off) Then play the intro again, and into the second verse Verse 2 -------- I deal in dreamers and telephone screamers lately I wonder what I do it for, if I had my way I'd just walk out the door and wander Down the Champs Elysees Going cafe to cabaret Wandering how I'd feel when I find that very good friend of mine Chorus ------ repeat the last tab line of the chorus, as before, then go back to the intro bit. Play this four times, and that's it ! Howard

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