Tablature sunday morning coming down

Johnny Cash
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Format : Sunday morning coming down, Johnny cash
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Sunday morning coming down, Johnny cash

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From Sun May 4 10:14:20 1997 Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 18:34:44 -0500 From: Ken <> To:, Subject: CRD: Sunday Morning Coming Down SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN By Johnny Cash Taken from the album "Classic Cash" (c)1988 PolyGram Records INTRO A Well, I woke up Sunday morning D E A With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt A F#m And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad E So I had one more for dessert A D Then I fumbled in my closet through my clothes A F#m And found my cleanest dirty shirt D E Then I washed my face and combed my hair Stumbled down the stairs to meet the day I smoked my mind the night before With cigarettes and songs that I'd been pickin' But I lit my first and watched a small boy Cussin' at a can that he'd been kickin' I crossed the empty street Caught the Sunday smell of someone fryin' chicken And it took me back to somethin' that I'd lost Somewhere, somehow along the way A D On a Sunday morning sidewalk A I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stone E 'Cause there's something in a Sunday A That makes a body feel alone D And there ain't nothing short of dying A Half as lonesome as the sound E Of a sleeping city sidewalk A Sunday morning coming down In the park I saw a daddy With a laughin' little girl that he'd been swingin' And I stopped beside a Sunday school Listened to the songs that they were singin' I headed down the road, Somewhere far away a lonely bell was ringin' And it echoed through the canyon Like a disappearin' dream of yesterday CHORUS End the song strumming A-Asus4-Asus4-A

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  • Sunday Morning Comming Down
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    sunday morning coming down

    Album : Classic Cash / Boom Chicka Boom

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    Country : Twenty-eight Timeless Country Hits

    Country : Twenty-Eight Timeless Country Hits
    Type : Partition
    Edition Amscowyse

    29,50 €

    tablature sunday morning coming down johnny cash

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