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Johnny Cash
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Format : Starkville city jail, Johnny cash
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Starkville city jail, Johnny cash

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Starkville City Jail by Johnny Cash (from "The Songs of Johnny Cash") Bb F7 Bb F7 Bb F7 Bb Well, I left my motel room, down at the Starkville Motel, F7 Bb F7 Bb F7 Bb F7 Bb The town had gone to sleep and I was feelin' fairly well. Bb7 Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 Eb I strolled along the sidewalk 'neath the sweet magnolia trees; F7 Bb F7 Bb F7 Bb F7 Bb I was whistlin', pickin' flowers, swayin' in the southern breeze. F C7 F C7 F C7 F I found myself surrounded; one policeman said: "That's him. Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 Eb Bb7 E Come along, wild flowerchild. Don't you know that it's two a.m." E7 F They're bound to get you. E7 E Cause they got a curfew. F#7 F Eb Ddim F7 Bb And you go to the Starkville City jail. 2. Well, they threw me in the car and started driving into town; I said: "What the hell did I do?" He said: "Shut up and sit down." Well they emptied out my pockets, took my pills and guitar picks. I said: "Wait, my name is..." "Aw shut up." Well I sure was in a fix. The sergeant put me in a cell, then he went home for the night; I said: "Come back here, you so and so; I ain't bein' treated right." Well they're bound to get you, cause they got a curfew, And you go to the Starkville City Jail. 3. I started pacin' back and forth, and now and then I'd yell, And kick my forty dollar shoes against the steel floor of my cell. I'd walk awhile and kick awhile, and all night nobody came. Then I sadly remembered that they didn't even take my name. At 8 a.m. they let me out. I said: "Gimme them things of mine!" They gave me a sneer and a guitar pick, and a yellow dandelion. They're bound to get you, cause they got a curfew, And you go to the Starkville City Jail.

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Country : Twenty-eight Timeless Country Hits

Country : Twenty-Eight Timeless Country Hits
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tablature starkville city jail johnny cash

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