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John Wesley Harding
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Format : The peoples drug, John wesley harding
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The peoples drug, John wesley harding

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: rkh2@ukc.ac.uk Artist: John Wesley Harding Title: THE PEOPLE'S DRUG from "The Name Above The Title" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G D Em Got a stupid job, but it's pin money. G D Em I've got a brand new car but I can't drive. G D Em I've got a sweetheart, I call her Honey, G D Em And I've also got a wife. F C D People say that they're depressed F C D But they go out and they're so well dressed G D Em Now, what is it that makes them feel that way? F C D Can't get it in no drug store, F C D No man's an island, that's for sure Am G And it, looks like the world's just C D Run out of things to say, so now.. G D Em Give me some of the people's drug. G D Em Give me some of the people's drug. F C D ] Whatever makes you feel that good, ] F C D > C H O R U S I'll take it like I know I should, so ] G D C Cmaj7 Am D ] Give me some of the people, people's drug, wo-oah / G D F C F C D / Give me some of the people's drug, drug / G D Em Pick me up and take me to a movie. G D Em Give me an ending that I can understand. G D Em Sell me a rocking soundtrack, make it groovy. G D Em Give me backstage passes for the band. F C D People always whine, whine, whine, F C D Shut up and pay the fine, fine, fine. G D Em What's the difference anyway, F C D Between being safe and being rad F C D When the big joke is we've all been had? Am G C D You don't get to read the news in USA Today. You know that! { C H O R U S } ... People's Guitar! { G U I T A R S O L O } G D Em God it's a wacky race we're running, G D Em I must atone for all my sins. G D Em God grant me some of what you're giving, G D Em I hope you don't need needles, don't need pins. F C D I'll pay prescription - where's the bill? F C D I thought it was a bitter pill! (Ha-Ha) G D Em What's it matter what I feel? F C D Take the dog and take the wife; F C D Show me how to lead a better life. Am G C D The price you people pay, well it's gotta be a steal. All right G D Em Give me some of the people's drug. G D Em Give me some of the people's drug. F C D Whatever makes you feel that good, F C D I'll take it like I know I should, so G D C Cmaj7 Am D Give me some of the people, people's drug, wo-oah G D C Cmaj7 Am D Give me some of the people, people's drug, wo-oah G D F C F C F C F C D G Give me some of the people's drug, drug, drug, drug. All right! - - - T H E E N D - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Notes: ~~~~~ 1) The last line of every verse has the chord sequence Am G C D. You may like to try adding a G to some of these (Am & C in particular) using your little finger on the 3rd fret of the e-treble string. 2) Watch that rhythm. The strum rhythm changes a few times during the verse. Learn it from the album. 3) If you're new to barre chords (like F) keep practicing. You need to be fairly swift in changing from F to C in this song. Sometimes, depending on the song, you can get away with replacing F with D minor, but I don't think so here. If you have trouble try adjusting your thumb and wrist positions. It's easier barring on higher frets and much easier on a small-necked guitar than a wide-necked one. 4) The chorus sounds fantastic with judicious use of harmony singing in the chorus. I've recorded this song, then re-recorded tape-to-tape, adding harmony and it added so much depth to the recording. Take a lead from Wes himself, who sings the harmony part in the penultimate line of the song. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chords: ~~~~~~~ G chord D chord e||---|---|-o-| G e||---|-o-|---| F# B||---|---|---| B B||---|---|-o-| D G||---|---|---| G G||---|-o-|---| A D||---|---|---| D D||---|---|---| D A||---|-o-|---| B A||---|---|---| A E||---|---|-o-| G E||---|-x-|---| either use thumb on 2nd fret or don't play bass-E string Em chord F chord This is a barre-chord e||---|---|---| E e||-+-|---|---| F Use your index finger B||---|---|---| B B||-+-|---|---| C to hold down the first G||---|---|---| G G||-+-|-o-|---| A fret of all strings, D||---|-o-|---| E D||-+-|---|-o-| F middle for G-string, A||---|-o-|---| B A||-+-|---|-o-| C ring for A, little for E||---|---|---| E E||-+-|---|---| F D-string. (See note 3) C chord Cmaj7 chord e||---|---|---| E e||---|---|---| E B||-o-|---|---| C B||---|---|---| B G||---|---|---| G G||---|---|---| G D||---|-o-|---| E D||---|-o-|---| E A||---|---|-o-| C A||---|---|-o-| C E||---|---|---| E E||---|---|---| E Am chord e||---|---|---| E B||-o-|---|---| C G||---|-o-|---| A D||---|-o-|---| E A||---|---|---| A E||---|---|---| E ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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tablature the peoples drug john wesley harding

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