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John Prine
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Format : Spanishpipedream, John prine
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Spanishpipedream, John prine

{title:Spanish Pipedream} {st:John Prine} She was a [C]level-headed dancer on the [F]road to alcohol And [G]I was just a soldier on my [C]way to Montreal Well she [C]pressed her chest against me about the [F]time the juke box broke She [G]gave me a peck on the back of the neck and these are the words she [C]spoke {c:Chorus} [C]Blow up your T.V.[F] [C]throw away your paper[F] [C] Go into the [G]country, build you a [C]home[F] [C] [C]Plant a little garden,[F] [C]eat a lot of peaches[F] [C] Try to find [G]Jesus on your [C]own Well, I sat [C]there at the table and I [F]acted real naive For I [G]knew that topless lady had [C]something up her sleeve Well, she [C]danced around the bar room and she [F]did the hoochy-coo Yeah she [G]sang her song all night long, tellin' me what to [C]do {c:Chorus} Well, I was [C]young and hungry and ab[F]out to leave that place But [G]just as I was leavin', well she [C]looked me in the face I said "[C]You must know the answer." She said, "[F]No but I'll give it a try." And [G]to this very day we've been livin' our way and here is the reason [C]why {c:Chorus} [C]We blow up our T.V.[F] [C]threw away our paper[F] [C] Went to the [G]country, build us a [C]home[F] [C] [C]Had a lot of children,[F] [C]fed 'em on peaches[F] [C] They all found [G]Jesus on their [C]own

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John Prine: John Prine

John Prine: John Prine
Type : Partition
Edition Warner Brothers

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tablature spanishpipedream john prine

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