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John Mellencamp
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Format : Jack and diane, John mellencamp
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Jack and diane, John mellencamp

JACK AND DIANE -------------- Here are the chords, but I dont know the exact tab or strumming pattern (except for the intro) - if anyone does please let me know. Also, some guy just recently asked the question: "How do you figure out the fingering for chords such as E/A, G/A, etc?" Ditto. INTRO These are single downstrokes held for the counts indicated: A (8 beats) E/A (4 beats) A, E/A (2 beats each) D/A (half beat) followed by e------------------------------ b------------------------------ g------------------------------ d------0-0--------------0-0---- a--0h2--------------0h2-------- -> h = hammer on e------------------------------ Now repeat the above sequence VERSE I E D E A little ditty about Jack and Di-ane, A E D E A (spoken) two American kids growin' up in the heartland E D E Jack, he's gonna be a football star; A E D E A (spoken) Diane debutante, back seat of Jack-y's car (Instrumental) Strum the following chords for the number of beats indicated You may have to listen to the CD to get the timing correct. A(1) Asus4(1) A(1) E/A(3) (0.5) D/A(0.5) (0.5) E/A(2) (1) (0.5) A(1) Asus4(1) A(1) E/A(3) (0.5) D/A(0.5) (0.5) A(5) e D E Suckin' on a chilli dog outside the Tastee Freez; A E D E A (spoken) Diane sittin' on Jacky's lap. He's got his hands between her knees. E D E (spoken) Jack he says, "Hey, Diane, let's run off behind a shady tree; A E D E A (spoken) dribble off those Bobbie Brooks. Let me do what I please." Sayin' CHORUS: A E D E Oh yeah, life goes on, A E D E long after the thrill of living is gone. (Spoken) Sayin' A E D E Oh yeah, life goes on, A E D E A long after the thrill of living is gone Jack, he sits back, collects his thoughts for a moment; (spoken) {Scratches his head and does his best James Dean. "Well, then, there, Diane, we gotta} run off to the city (spoken) {Diane says, "Baby, you ain't missin' a thing." But Jack, he says,} >Chorus (Spoken) Now walk on. >Repeat intro sequence (once) (no chord) Oh, let it rock, let it roll. Let the Bible belt come and save my soul. Holdin' on to sixteen as long as you can; change is comin' 'round real soon, make us women and men, A E D E A little ditty about Jack and Diane, A E D E A (spoken)two American kids doin' the best that they can OUTRO: (Repeat and fade) -> strum the following chords and let ring for the number of beats in the brakets A(4) E/A(3) E/A(2) A(3) E/A(2) A(1.5) E/A(0.5) D/A(0.5) & now intro TAB twice =============================================================================== CHORDS: A x 0 2 2 2 0 D x x 0 2 3 2 E 0 2 2 1 0 0 E/A x 0 2 1 0 0 D/A x 0 0 2 3 2 Asus4 x 0 2 2 3 0 =============================================================================== Power intro (distorted electric guitar) A E A E D E:5-------4---5-4-2------------------------------------------------------- B:5-------5---5-5-3------------------------------------------------------- G:6-------4---6-4-2------------------------------------------------------- D:7-------6---7-6-0--00---00--00--play 3 times---------------------------- A:0-------0---0-0-0------------------------------------------------------- E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Power ending (distorted electric guitar) A E E A EA E D E:5--4--4-5--45-4-2------------------------------------------------------- B:5--5--5-5--55-5-3------------------------------------------------------- G:6--4--4-6--46-4-2------------------------------------------------------- D:7--6--6-7--67-6-0--00---00-0000-repeat and fade------------------------- A:0--0--0-0--00-0-0------------------------------------------------------- E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Verse (Little ditty...) Play the E and D with the index finger barring the highest three strings. A E D E AE A E D E A E:5754-44-2-24-54-5754-44-2-4-5-55---------------------------------------- B:5--5-55-3-35-55-5--5-55-3-5-5-55---------------------------------------- G:6--4-44-2-24-64-6--4-44-2-4-6-66------repeat---------------------------- D:7--6-66-4-46-76-7--6-66-4-6-7-77---------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------------------------------------ E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chorus (Oh yeah life goes on...) A E D E A E D E E:5754-44-2-24-44-5754-44-2-2-4-44---------------------------------------- B:5--5-55-3-35-55-5--5-55-3-3-5-55---------------------------------------- G:6--4-44-2-24-44-6--4-44-2-2-4-44---------------------------------------- D:7--6-66-4-46-66-7--6-66-4-4-6-66---------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------------------------------------ E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ A E D E A E D E E:5754-44-2-24-44-5754-44-2-4-5-55---------------------------------------- B:5--5-55-3-35-55-5--5-55-3-5-5-55---------------------------------------- G:6--4-44-2-24-44-6--4-44-2-4-6-66---------------------------------------- D:7--6-66-4-46-66-7--6-66-4-6-7-77---------------------------------------- A:------------------------------------------------------------------------ E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cool interlude: This is the best part of the song...Stuart calls the D an Asus4. His are good chords, but I think they are played up the neck. Barre the A with your index finger. The D and A use the same barre - don't move your index finger between A and D. The E is the same formation as the D. Slide up to the E the first time. Neither E string is played here. Also, the consecutive D's are damped, that is, let up on the left hand pressure after hitting the chords. They also are slightly off the beat - you'll just have to listen to the record. ADAE D E ADAE D A E:------------------------------------------------------------------------ B:2325-55-3-35-75-2325-55-3-3-2------------------------------------------- G:2224-44-2-24-44-2224-44-2-2-2------------------------------------------- D:2426-66-4-46-66-2426-66-4-4-2------------------------------------------- A:0000-00-0-00-00-0000-00-0-0-0------------------------------------------- E:------------------------------------------------------------------------

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