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John Hiatt
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Format : Slow turning, John hiatt
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Slow turning, John hiatt

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Received: from athmail1 (athmail1.causeway.qub.ac.uk []) by post-office.nevada.edu (8.6.4/8.6.4) with SMTP id NAA11409 for <jamesb@animal-farm.nevada.edu> Tue, 22 Feb 1994 13:58:36 -0800 Received: by athmail1 id AA06356; Tue, 22 Feb 94 21:54:14 GMT Received: by lis16 (5.57/4.7) id AA06081; Tue, 22 Feb 94 21:54:11 GMT Message-Id: <9402222154.AA06081@lis16> To: jamesb@animal-farm.nevada.edu Subject: /h/John.Hiatt/SlowTurning.tab Date: Tue, 22 Feb 94 21:54:10 GMT From: Tom Petty <u9343164@athmail1.causeway.qub.ac.uk> This song is off the album of the same name. Check it out. I've transcribed the chords played by the acoustic guitar (possibly a twelve-string) in the song. I get the impression that the top string (or 2, if played on a 12-str) has been removed - you'll notice that none of the chords in the song seem to use the notes that would fall on the high e string. So, if you're hyper keen, take it off, otherwise, avoid this string. As well as the acoustic, there are 2 electric slide guitars (plus a 5 string banjo in the chorus) - if I ever figure out what they're up to, yous'll (sic) be the first to know. I hope this isn't confusing... Slow Turning - John Hiatt ------------------------- Chords used: EADGbe A/E :00222x D/F#:20023x Em11:0000xx G :32003x E :02210x Bm :x2443x Intro: Chords: A/E | D/F# Em11 | G Em11 D/F# Em11 Rhythm: + + + | + + + | + + + | + + + | A/E | D/F# Em11 | G Em11 D/F# Em11 | + + + | + + + | + + + | + + + | | A/E D/F# | G D/F# | A/E D/F# | G D/F# | (Continue rhythm simile - This 2 bar progression is played throughout verse and chorus) When I was a boy I thought it just came to ya But I never could tell what's mine, so it didn't matter anyway My only pride and joy was this record down here Banging on an old guitar, singin' what I had to say. E I always thought our house was haunted Bm D/F# A 'Cause nobody said 'boo' to me E I never did get what I wanted Bm D/F# But now I get what I need Chorus: NC A/E etc It's been a slow turning from the inside out A slow turning baby but you come about A slow learning but you learn to sweat, a hey, hey, hey A slow turning baby not fade away, not fade away, not fade away (Chord progression x4) Now I'm in my car, ooh I've got the radio down Now me yellin' at the kids in the back, cause they're banging like Charlie Watts You think you come so far in this one horse town Then she's laughing that crazy laugh, cause you haven't left the parking lot Time is short, and here's the damned thing about it You're gonna die, gonna die for sure You can learn to live with love or without it But there ain't no cure There's just a slow turning from the inside out A slow turning but you come about A slow learning you learn to sweat, a hey, hey, hey A slow turning baby not fade away, not fade away, not fade away, not fade away, not fade away A slow turning, a slow turning etc..

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John Hiatt: The John Hiatt Collection

John Hiatt: The John Hiatt Collection
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tablature slow turning john hiatt

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