Tablature love like blood

John Hiatt
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Format : Love like blood, John hiatt
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Love like blood, John hiatt

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # From marten@sky.net Sun May 4 10:24:43 1997 Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 10:05:24 -0700 From: Otto Marten <marten@sky.net> Reply-To: mail.sky.net@sky.net To: guitar@olga.net Subject: CRD: John Hiatt - Love Like Blood Love Like Blood John Hiatt / Riding with the King 1983 * Take it easy baby * But take as much as you can * Cause I got all the sweet loving * You could possibly stand * I'll take your tears for drinking water * Make your pain sweet company * You can lay all your burdens on my shoulder * Girl you mean that much to me chorus 1: |1 / / I could climb the highest mountain 4 |5 / / #5o To show the world I could survive |6- 5 But without your lovin' baby |4 4/5 I wouldn't even be alive |* Cause your love is like blood |* Cause your love is like blood to me Like a river baby Your love is running thru me And with ev'ry beat of our hearts We're defying gravity Just a little bit further on up the stream There's a shady resting place Where you can lose all your blues and your troubles With just one sweet embrace chorus 2: Now I could do a million things Just to prove that I'm a man But there's only one woman Who holds my life in her hands Your love is like blood to me Your love it's just like blood to me b7 6- I don't care what your people say 4 1 Over my dead body will they ever take you away b& 6- And any man cutting in on me 2- 3- 4 5 Well he just better stop cause I can't spare a drop |* Your love is like blood to me Your love is like blood to me verse rhythm and chords: * | v + v + v + v + | v + v + v + v + | x-------- x-- x------------ x-- x---- 1 4 5 4 1 Number System: Key Scale Notes (example in key of C) 1=C 2=D 3=E 4=F 5=G 6=A 7=B 9=D ETC. b2=Db #4=F# b7=Bb These hold true for BASS NOTES [ 2-/5 = D-/G ] Duration Notation: | = bar line; within bar lines chords divide measure No bar line = chord gets entire measure's time / = play same as previous chord, beat or measure transcribed by OtMan (Otto Marten) marten@sky.net

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John Hiatt: The John Hiatt Collection

John Hiatt: The John Hiatt Collection
Type : Partition
Edition Hal Leonard

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tablature love like blood john hiatt

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