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John Hammond
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Format : Broke down engine, John hammond
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Broke down engine, John hammond

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## Date: Thu, 8 Apr 93 09:47:46 -0700 From: darsie@eecs.ucdavis.edu (Richard Darsie) Subject: TAB: John Hammond, "Broke Down Engine" >From the acoustic guitar mailing list... Broke Down Engine from John Hammond recording Footwork Standard tuning, capo on second fret played slowly with feeing E---------------------5--5--5--3--3 B---------------------5--5--5--3--3 G---------------------2--2--2--2--2 D---------------------2--2--2--2--2 A-3w--3w--0--0--0-----0--0--0--0--0 E-----------0---------------------- E---------------0--0--0--0--0-------------------------- B---------------1--1--1--1--1-------------------------- G---------------2--2--2--2--2-------------------------- D---------------0--0--0--0--0-------------------------- A--3w--0----0---0--0--0--0--0--------0--3w--2w--0-----0 E--------3w-----2--2--2--2--2--0--2----------------2--- Like a broke down engine aint got no driven E-5--5--5--5----0--0--0--0--0-------------------------- B-5--5--5--5----1--1--1--1--1-------------------------- G-2--2--2--2----2--2--2--2--2-------------------------- D-2--2--2--2----0--0--0--0--0-------------------------- A-0--0--0--0----0--0--0--0--0--3--2--0--------0--0----- E-0--0--0--0----2--2--2--2--2-----------0--2----------- wheel like a broke down engine aint got no driven E--5--5--5--5--------------------0--------0----------- B--5--5--5--5--------------------0--------1----------- G--2--2--2--2--------------------1--------2----------- D--2--2--2--2--------0--1h--2h---2--------0----------- A--0--0--0--0--0--3-----------------------0--3--2--0-- E--0--0--0--0----------------------0--2---2-----------0 wheel you ever been down and lonesome you know how E------------5--| B------------5--| G------------2--| D------------2--| A--------0---0--| E---2h-------0--| a good man feel like a broke down engine aint got no drivin wheel like a broke down engine aint got no drivin wheel you ever been down and lonesome you know how a good man feel I've been shootin craps and gamblin good gal I done got broke I,ve been shootin craps and gamblin honey I done got broke I done pawned my mean 44 and my best clothes and gone You know I went to the prayin ground and fell down on bendin knee You know I went to the prayin ground and fell down on bendin knee I cried for no religion just give me back my good gal please If you give me my baby lord I wont grieve and moan no more If you give me my baby I wont worry you no more You dont have to put her in my house its only lead her to my door Like a broke down engine mamma aint got no whistle or a bell Like a broke down engine mamma aint got no whistle or a bell If is you a real hot mamma drive away daddies weepin spell Tips to help play this piece use your thumb to play most of the melody lines and use your index finger to brush the lower notes and create the full chord sound. The index finger sweeps up and down with a softer background while the thumb in contrast really sets the pace and pushes those lower tones out to the front of the piece. THis is a basic trans From: GENERIC@PSC.STATE.FL.US Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 16:19:55 -0500 Subject: john hammond/broke down engine tab has hammond playing this in e-standard. hammond, on jhis instructional video from a few years ago does it in a dropped-d tuning and, because he demonstrates on a 12-string, is a full step lower. he was in town the other night and i confirmed with him that he has always played broke down engine in this tuning because it is the way willie mctell played it.

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tablature broke down engine john hammond

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